Izzy Stradlin (Guns N’ Roses) Net Worth

Izzy Stradlin Net Worth is $28 Million

How rich is Izzy Stradlin?

Nickname: Jeffrey Dean Isbell

Date of birth: the 8th of April, 1962

Profession: guitar player, singer, songwriter

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

How Much is Izzy Stradlin Worth?

The well-known singer, songwriter and guitar player, Izzy Stradlin saved $28 million net worth. He earned his living mostly through his activity of a musician.

Izzy Stradlin net worth

Izzy Stradlin met his big break in 1985, when together with his old friend Axl Rose and some other musicians he formed the band “Guns N' Roses”. Soon the band rose to fame with such hits as “Nightrain”, “Used to Love Her”, “Estranged” etc.

The band released its debut album “Appetite for Destruction” in 1987, which immediately pulled them to stardom. They sold more than 25 million copies of the album worldwide.

After that Izzy Stradlin enjoyed multi-million salary and fame. As a part of the band he released 3 more albums and participated in two international tours. But young men, band members, felt too relaxed after their financial and personal success and started to use drugs and alcohol. That led to band separation.

In 1992 Izzy Stradlin began his own career, which lasts till now and helps the musician keep the status of a rich and famous man. He released 11 solo albums, the latest one, “Wave of Heat”, appeared in 2010 and included such hits as “Old Tune”, “Waiting For My Ride” and others. But how did he start his way on top?

Izzy Stradlin’s Way On Top

Born Jeffrey Dean Isbell spent his early years in Lafayette, Indiana. The son of an engraver (father) and phone company worker (mother), he unexpectedly developed great interest in music. His parents divorced, when the boy was in primary school age, and he spent much time with his grandmother. It was she, who supported the boy in his idea to become a musician.

Izzy Stradlin young

During his years in high school, Izzy met William Bailey, mostly known due to his stage name Axl Rose. Later they formed the band “Guns N' Roses”, which made both stars. 

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