Jackie Collins biography

Jackie Collins Net Worth

$180 million

  • Real name / birth name Jacqueline Jill Collins OBE
  • Occupation writer, screenwriter, film producer
  • Source of Wealth books, movie scripts, producing movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth October 4, 1937
  • Date of death September 19, 2015 (77 years)
  • Zodiac sign Libra
  • Birth place Hampstead, United Kingdom
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https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/authors/jackie-collins-net-worth/ celebritynetworth.com $180 million

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How Much is Jackie Collins Worth?

The famous Hollywood author Jackie Collins died in warm September, 2015 several weeks before her 78th birthday. She was diagnosed with breasts cancer six month before her death, but kept it in secret and even participated in talk shows till the last days of her life.

Jackie Collins has made super successful career and accumulated $180 million net worth, which is now left to her three daughters. Collins made her wealth mostly through selling of her books. The writer liked to describe life and career of Hollywood stars. She used true Hollywood stories for her books, but of course, changed the names. In general Collins sold more than 180 million of her novels. Her scandalous books were usually criticized by critics, but read and reread by her fans. Most of Jackie Collins literary works have become best-sellers.

In addition to her books, Jackie Colins found another source of wealth – producing the movies and TV series and writing the scripts for them. Her famous heroine Lucky Santangelo at first appeared in the book “Chances” and then featured in more than 10 of her novels. In 1992 Jackie wrote for mini-series “Lady Boss”, where her famous heroine Lucky was depicted by an actress Kim Delaney.

Jackie Collins Bio and Career

The celebrated writer Jackie Collins was born in a family of a rich theatrical agent. She grew up alongside two siblings. Her sister was a famous actress Joan Collins. Jackie tried her hand as an actress at first, but gradually moved her way into writing. “I am not in Hollywood, I am watching it”, she used to tell.

Jackie Collins released her first book “The World Is Full of Married Men” in 1968, but it enjoyed modest success. Jackie Collins rose to fame due to her other book – “Hollywood Wives”. She cemented her star status, having created the series of novels about Santangelo family.


Probably, Jackie’s life was not so long, but no doubt, it was bright. The celebrated Hollywood writer, she was nicknamed as “The Great Observer”. She watched life of legendary Hollywood stars and depicted it in her books. The famous lady was crazy from Hollywood. She told in her interview, that she dreamed about it in her childhood. Small Jackie collected pics of famous Hollywood actors and actresses – she put them on the walls of her room.

When Jackie Collins accumulated millions of dollars, she bought a small plain house in Beverly Hills and ruined it till the last stone. Instead of it she designed and built her famous Hollywood mansion, the real palace, which served as the reflection of Jackie’s world outlook and success.

The mansion was entered through a front door. Just near the entrance there was a guard with a big gun. He had to protect Jackie’s private life from intrusive paparazzi and tourists – the writer’s books were published in more than 40 countries, that’s why lots of strangers, who came to LA quite often, stood in front of her house.

The yard of the mansion looked festive and really luxurious – the roads, covered with red tiles, green ideal lawns and of course a huge swimming pool full of purely blue water – a must-have for a rich Hollywood house.

The multi-layer mansion was entered through a white big door. Alongside typical for a big residence rooms, like six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a kitchen etc, Collins had a big lavish living-room with eleven bronze leopards in it, a huge library, where she kept her original manuscripts, and an enormous office, where she wrote most of her bestsellers, sitting just on the floor.

On the territory of the mansion there was a spacious garage.


“Cars are important”, Jackie used to tell. Each Hollywood mogul should own Bentley or Porsche. But Jackie had just three vehicles – Mercedes, Ford Mustang and Jeep. There was also Lexus for the guard and maid.

In fact, Jackie Collins was an honest writer. She wrote about lavish rich life and designed her house in the same style – bright, unbelievably luxurious and with its unusual ambience.


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