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Jason Mewes

Jason Mewes Net Worth is $5 Million

How rich is Jason Mewes?

Nickname: Jason Edward Mewes

Date of birth: the 12th of June, 1974

Profession: actor

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, films

How Much is Jason Mewes Worth?

Jason Mewes is a popular American actor, producer and occasional film director, who owns $5 million net worth. He started acting at the age of 17 in the movie of his childhood friend Kevin Smith “Clerks”, where he acted as Jay, the “voice” of Silent Bob, another hero from this film. Bob was portrayed by Smith himself.

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes

Later Jay and Bob gained a huge fan base and Mewes and Smith continued to collaborate in other films about these heroes. At first Jason considered his job of an actor as a “school project”. Having finished his first film, he continued to deliver pizza, and was shocked, when pizzeria clients started to recognize him.

Jason Mewes net worth

Although Jay is Jason Mewes’s visiting card, nevertheless he portrayed other popular screen heroes too. He played Edgy Cat in a thriller “Feast”, Quebert in “Nice Guys”, Vinnie in “The Last Godfather” etc. He appeared in several TV shows, such as “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil”, “Hawaii Five-0” and others.

Like many other celebrities, Jason Mewes got a chance to make some easy money from endorsements. He advertised the popular sports brand “Nike”.

Thus the actor Mewes saved $5 million, which look even more impressive, when you have heard about his background.

Jason Mewes’s Way On Top

Have you already earned $1 million? If not, what excuse do you have for it? Many people are sure, that it is impossible to earn a solid net worth, if you are not the member of a rich family. But the famous actor and owner of multi million fortune Jason Mewes was born in poverty and seemed to have no chance to become wealthy.

Jason Mewes young

Jason Mewes has never heard about his father. He was brought up by a single drug-addicted mother, who had no idea, why she needed that child. She started her day from drugs and finished it in that very manner. She was even jailed for a while. So, Mewes’s childhood can’t be called classically happy.

When Jason turned 13, fate gave him the first smile. He met Kevin Smith. At first Kevin thought, that Mewes was “a dude” (according to filmmaker’s interview), but later he found the tall skinny teen funny. Jason earned his first salary, selling comic books in Smith’s family shop.

Several years later Kevin Smith was inspired to make his own movie. He decided “to take Jason’s inner dude to the screen” to see, if other people could find him funny too.

Thus Jason Mewes started his way to a big wealth and fame. He could save even more, but in late 90s-early 2000s the actor got used to drugs. He spent the part of his net worth for that forbidden hobby.

Jason Mewes, his wife Jordan Monsanto and their daughter

Currently the movie star lives in a lavish house with his wife a producer Jordan Monsanto and their daughter.

Jason Mewes House

Jay and Silent Bob actor bought a luxurious mansion in Hollywood Hills in 2012. The house cost him $710, 000.

Jason Mewes house

For that amount the actor got 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom residence. The celebrated actor gets some rest from Hollywood fuss and spends time with his family in his house with the total area of 1, 505 sq. km. The mansion is actually a 2-storey building, which consists of usual for a rich residence rooms – like bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen etc. There are also some original premises, which serve special purposes – like media room, sound lounge, etc.

Jason Mewes house

Jason Mewes house is decorated in typical for an American colors – light beige, white, color of a sand, matt-gloss brown etc.

If the weather is warm, the actor can easily leave the building and spend a nice time at the back part of the estate. By the way, Mewes can relax with a glass of beer, sitting on a big sofa of olive color, not just in his wife’s company, but also surrounded by his friends. Especially for them there is a round patio table and several chairs in the yard.

Jason Mewes house

So, Jason Mewes has already got a lot in his life – fame, money and a great mansion. His efforts were paid off!

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