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Jason Segel

Jason Segel Net Worth is $30 Million



$15 million


$30 million



Jason Segel net worth

Nickname: Jason Jordan Segel

Date of birth: the 18th of January, 1980

Profession: actor, musician, film producer, screenwriter

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television

Do you remember sensitive Marshall Eriksen from the series “How I Met Your Mother”? In fact, incredibly tall actor Jason Segel usually portrays such huge, but vulnerable and romantic heroes. Women all over the world admire his simple and open face and look into his sad dreaming eyes.

But the first impression is deceptive. Real Jason Jordan Segel is not just a skilful actor, but also a successful moneymaker. During his years in entertainment industry he saved $30 million net worth. His salary for each episode of HIMYM was $225, 000. When the series came to an end, he continued to participate in big screen projects. Having started as a comic actor, Jason made an attempt to change the genre and participated in drama “The End of the Tour”. The movie got positive reviews from critics and Segel’s performance was considered as awesome. The star built his career wisely and now he enjoys his wealth and kudos. So, what is the secret of his success?

Jason Segel dreamed to become an actor since his school years. At the age of 18 he was cast into short-lived TV series “Freaks and Geeks” and got initial recognition. But after that he had some troubles with getting new parts as his too long body and such a simple kind face were not in great demand. So, the future star decided to write the roles for himself. He wrote the script, which later turned into a movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, where he portrayed the main hero. The film became a box office hit.

Jason Segel has become a household name in 2005, when he acted as funny and very romantic giant Marshall Eriksen in the hit series HIMYM. He also participated in big screen projects, where Hollywood mega stars were his partners. Thus he fell in love with Cameron Diaz’s heroine in “Bad Teacher”, tempted Megan Fox in “This Is 40” and married Emily Blunt in “The Five-Year Engagement”.

In 2014 the star Jason Segel pocketed $11 million. His earnings in 2016 were not publicized, but no doubt, the actor and writer gets what he is worth. 

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