Jason Williams biography

Jason Williams Net Worth

$20 million

  • Real name / birth name Jason Chandler Williams
  • Occupation ex-basketball player
  • Source of Wealth basketball
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth November 18, 1975
  • Age 47
  • Zodiac sign Scorpio
  • Birth place Belle, West Virginia, United States
Sources 2018
https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-athletes/nba/jason-williams-net-worth/ celebritynetworth.com $20 million
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$20 million


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How Much is Jason Williams Worth?

Jason Williams is widely known as a talented basketball player, who performed as NBA point guard. He retired in 2011, but till now his life is closely connected with basketball.

Jason Williams net worth is estimated at $20 million. He earned his wealth mostly through his career of a basketball player. In addition Jason participated in a number of endorsements.

Williams started to play his favorite game professionally in 1998. Then he was drafted by Sacramento Kings, which is considered as one of the oldest teams in American basketball history. Thus Jason Williams got a chance to leave his name in sports history.

And he played – as good as he could – and his style of play caught attention of numerous sports fans. In late 1990s the T shirt with his number (55) has become one of top selling sports souvenirs in USA.

Unfortunately in 2000 the rising star Jason Williams was suspended for smoking marijuana and was banned for 5 games. Till now the details of that story are kept in secret.

In 2001 Williams was transferred to Memphis Grizzlies. He played for the team for several years, but had lots of complications because of his hot temper and sharp tongue.

In 2006 the point guard Jason Williams finally met his big break. He was traded by the team “Miami Heat”. This team, which competed at NBA, was formed in 1988, but still couldn’t boast with some significant wins.

Everything had changed, when Williams joined Heat. In 2006 the team from Miami won its first NBA Championship. Jason Williams was considered as third top scorer of the team.

Unfortunately, in mid 2000s the player passed through a number of knee injuries. That caused his retirement in 2008.

A year later Jason Williams decided to come back. He played for Orlando Magic during 82 games. In 2011 he announced about the end of his career in sports.

Williams made cash mostly through playing basketball. But he had an additional source of income – endorsements. During his years in sports Williams participated just in mini advertising deals. That was because of his scandalous reputation. The athlete’s hot blood let him to the cancellation of profitable endorsement deal with Nike. Williams assaulted the NBA fan and ticket holder Michael Ching, having humiliated his national dignity.

For that accident Jason Williams was fined for $15, 000. Nike refused to sign a deal with him.

As you see, to make money one needs both, talent and self control. Williams distinguished from the others by his quick temper. Let’s have a look at his life story!

Jason Williams Bio and Career

Born Jason Chandler Williams grew up in family of a state trooper (father) and police officer (mother). He started to play basketball at DuPont High School. Then he performed for the school sports team and was considered as the leading player.

Jason continued playing basketball at Marshall University. There he met a person, who played the key role in Williams career. That was a basketball coach Billy Donovan. Billy developed Williams natural skills of an athlete – his ability make maneuvers on the field and score balls at a long distance.

Later Donovan transferred to the University of Florida and convinced Jason Williams follow him.

But in Florida Williams was involved into a drug scandal and was suspended. It encouraged an athlete to take part in NBA draft in 1998. Thus he was signed by Kings.


In spite of his status of a widely popular sports star, Jason Williams leads a modest lifestyle. He is married to his college sweetheart Denika Kisty. The couple brings up 3 children.

Jason Williams is a good friend of another NBA star Shaquille O’Neal. He is a frequent guest at Jason’s house.

When Williams played for Orlando Magic, he owned a mansion in Florida. The house looked like a fortress, hidden behind tall palms. It was made of yellow stone and wood and could boast with lots of tall wide windows.

Decorated with columns, Jason Williams residence served as a great base for the athlete and his family. There he relaxed, arranged barbeques and built ambitious career plans.


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