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Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Net Worth is $20 Million

How rich is Jeb Bush?

Nickname: John Ellis Bush Sr.

Date of birth: the 11th of February, 1953

Profession: politician, businessman

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: politics, real estate, banks, investments

How Much is Jeb Bush Worth?

Jeb Bush net worth 

Like many other celebrities, Jeb Bush is not the fan of Donald Trump and calls him “a chaos president”. But we won’t speak about the policy of the 45th White House resident, because our today’s hero is Jeb. Although he lost his bid at the Presidential elections, 2016 and didn’t become the third member of Bush family to occupy the post of President, still his life and career serves as the model for many people worldwide.

Donald Trump and Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush net worth is $20 million. This solid amount would be even bigger, if Jeb didn’t spend the big part of it for charity. He is the founder of “The Foundation for Florida’s Future”, which supports schools and hospitals.

Bush’s wealth comes from his activity of a businessman and politician. As a businessman, Jeb used to work in various areas, including real estate, trade and banks.

In early 1980s Jeb tried his hand in politics. At first he supports career of his father, George H W Bush, who served as the Director of Central Intelligence and later moved his path to politics. Around that time Jeb joined Republican Party. He became the Chairman of this party in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Bush got a chance to show his skills of a businessman and politician – and he used that chance from top to bottom. Soon the Republicans from Miami-Dade became the richest and the most active in the country. And Jeb got his ticket on top. He supported Bob Martinez in his intention to become The Governor of Florida, and mostly due to Jeb Bush’s efforts Martinez occupied that post. He appointed the young politician as the Secretary of Commerce in Florida. Thus Jeb Bush was gradually accumulating his wealth and power.

In 1994 he made the first attempt to become Florida’s Governor. Then he lost, but 4 years later he made another attempt, which turned to be more successful.

Jeb Bush is doing his job

In 2002 The Governor Jeb Bush was elected for the 2nd term. Thus he tried to make the world better and earned a solid salary at the same time.

Currently Jeb Bush earns his living as a businessman. He is the member of Directors’ Board of the investment company Rayonier and of the medicine company Tenet Healthcare. In addition, he remains an active philanthropist.

Jeb Bush’s Way On Top

In fact, Jeb Bush was born in a rich family of George and Barbara Bush. His father worked in oil industry and later served as the Director of Intelligence Agency. As you know, in 1989 George Bush was elected as the 41st US President.

Jeb Bush was the third of six children in Bush family. His older sister Robin died, when Jeb was just 9 months. His elger brother George W Bush served as the 43rd US President.

Jeb Bush (on the right) with his father and brother - former US Presidents

Although Bush family reached $1 million net worth only in 1960s, in any case they had had high level of life from Jeb’s birth. When the boy turned 6, his parents moved to Houston. Thus Jeb spent the major part of his childhood and teen years in a big commercial center. Jeb Bush used to smoke marijuana in his young years, as he confessed in one of his interviews.

How much is Jeb Bush worth?

Having graduated from University of Texas, he had dreamed about career of an actor at first. But later he chose politics and business and that was a great decision.

Currently Jeb Bush enjoys a happy and wealthy life with his wife Columba Garnica Gallo and their three children.

Jeb Bush House

Jeb Bush former house

The multi-millionaire and renowned politician, Jeb bought a big cozy mansion in Coral Gables, FL in 2008. Four years later he sold it for $775, 000. This place served as Jeb Bush residence for several years, so it is worth to have a look at.

The detached house of Jeb and Columba family looks marvelous at first sight. It is surrounded by bright beautiful flowers and is built of bricks. The façade of the house is painted in a warm coral color.

The house consists of 2 floors. Alongside bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen, the house can also boast with a roomy garage and a picturesque backyard area.

Jeb Bush and his wife Columbia

Currently Jeb Bush and his wife reside in Kennebunkport, Maine. Their mansion is estimated at $1, 4 million. 

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