How Much is Jeff Tremaine Worth?

Distinguished director, films and TV series executive producer and entrepreneur Jeff Tremaine net worth is set to $50 million. He has produced ample movies, has been a screenwriter and journalist, which have helped in developing an empire of millions of dollars.

Before he catapulted to success, he was an editor of the skating culture edition Big Brother. He also was engaged in handling the influential BMX journal GO which resulted in acquaintance with Johnny Knoxville. Accompanying Johnny, he got his first major breakthrough by serving as a screenplay writer for the extreme comedy series as Jackass in 2000. The production was a major hit with a significant response and feedback.

Years later, Jeff converted to a producer featuring MTV shows named as Rob and Big. In 2010, he presented another one part of his outstanding franchisee Jackass 3D. Next, he has directed a biographical story about the Mötley Crüe band titled The Dirt in 2014. Some of his popular movie productions consist of Murderball (2005), The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (2009), Bad Grandpa (2013) and more.

Some of his popular TV acts comprise like Wildboyz (2003-2006), Nitro Circus (2009), Dudesons in America (2010), Loiter Squad (2012-2013), Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (2009-2015), Ridiculousness (2011-2018). He has a fine eye for art and is known for investing in existing projects which turn out to big hits. Most of his TV series are loved by viewers, who often love to binge watch them from time to time.