Jenna Bush biography
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Jenna Bush Net Worth

$4 million

  • Real name / birth name Jenna Bush Hager
  • Occupation journalist
  • Source of Wealth books, articles, reportage
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth November 25, 1981
  • Age 40
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Dallas, Texas, United States
Sources 2018 $4 million $2 million $4 million

$4 million


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How Much is Jenna Bush Worth?

Most of people know Jenna Bush as one of two twin daughters of the 43rd US President George W. Bush. Jenna comes from an upper-class American family, that’s why most of people think, that she is just a rich heiress, like Paris Hilton, who may use money of her parents and not to make a significant career at all.

But Jenna is not a woman of that kind. She is a working mother, who makes about $500, 000 per year. Jenna Bush Hager earns her living as a teacher, journalist and author.

Currently she serves as Today show correspondent and Southern Living magazine editor. Those jobs serve as the main source of her wealth. In addition she gets cash from selling of her books. Jenna has authored several stories already – “Our Great Big Backyard”, which she co-wrote with her mother and which was ranked as Number One bestseller by New York Times; “Read All About It!” and “Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope” about HIV-positive Latin teenager.

“Ana’s Story” is not a fiction. During her volunteering in Latin America, Jenna Bush got acquainted with a teen mother, who was HIV positive. The girl’s mother died from AIDS, and at the age of 10 she learnt, that she was born with HIV. Jenna met with the teenager during long 6 months. She heard her sad story and wrote a book about it, having changed the name of the main heroine. The major part of income from selling of “Ana’s Story” comes to that Latin teenager with HIV.

Jenna Bush Bio and Career

Jenna Bush was born in family of a schoolteacher Laura Bush and the oil industry worker George Walker Bush. She rose to fame in 2001, when her father was elected as US President. Jenna Bush has a twin sister Barbara.

Jenna graduated from the University of Texas and then started to work as a primary school teacher. She left that position and became UNICEF volunteer in Latin America. That experience inspired Laura to author her first book.

Since 2009 Jenna Bush has been serving as NBC correspondent. She writes for Today shows and anchors NBC Nightly News from time to time.

Jenna Bush is married to Henry Hager, former worker of U.S. Department of Commerce. They bring up two sweet daughters in a roomy house on Long Island.


Have you ever thought, what house you would get, if you had a couple of millions at your disposal? The journalist Jenna Bush has no financial limits, that’s why she has chosen a beautiful airy house on Long Island not far from the beach. The house is spacious and cozy. In addition the gorgeous views open up from its windows.

But to buy a house is not enough. It is also necessary to decorate it in the right way. That was the main thing, which occupied Jenna Bush time a couple of months before the birth of her second daughter.

Jenna Bush knows, that it is necessary for her daughters to stay outdoors at least a couple of hours per day. The garden around their Long Island home is full of tall green trees, which make the air purer, and wide cement roads to let the girls walk and run around the house.

As for the building, it has plenty of rooms for Jenna, her husband Henry Hager and their two daughters Mila and Poppy.

Jenna bought the furniture for her house herself. She was inspired by her mother, Laura Bush, who had a great taste and could create a cozy home for her husband and children.

The daughter of ex-US President likes to mix various styles, while decorating her house. But she does it skillfully and avoids mess or pretentiousness. The living-room – the main room of her house, where she accepts guests – is decorated in white and blue colors. The stripe carpet on the floor reflects the maritime style of decoration. Jenna chose it on purpose to keep the beach mood both inside and outside the house.

The other pieces of furniture in the room include an antique couch, midcentury-style table and slipper chairs.

The other Jenna Bush favorite room in the house is a dining-room. She thinks, it is really important to have long family dinners in a cozy well-decorated dining-room. “That makes us closer”, she tells. By the way, the famous author and journalist cooks herself!


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