Jennifer Lopez Husband Marc Anthony (Ex): Personal and Professional Way of a Talented Latino

Jennifer Lopez husband Marc Anthony (ex)

It’s hard to explain it, but when you look at old music videos of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, you can’t get rid of the feeling, that they don’t suit each other. Oh, no, nobody of them is bad or untalented. On the contrary, they both are beautiful, hot and energetic. Each of them makes the audience tremble, laugh and cry during their performance. It happens, when you look at them separately. But as a couple they have never worked.
Jennifer Lopez husband  and talented singer Marc Anthony

When you try to imagine the ideal woman by Marc Anthony side, you think rather about a slim tiny blonde with huge blue eyes and pale cold skin. Such “northern girl” could make hot passionate Marc Anthony happy. But with stunning southern beauty Jennifer Lopez he could easily burn down. Probably, to avoid such an accident two famous singers filed for divorce in 2014. But their long-term love story is worth to remember. So, Jennifer Lopez husband Marc Anthony is in the centre of our attention.

Jennifer Lopez Husband Marc Anthony Childhood

Marc Anthony young

To become a star, a person should be born with something, which like a sparkle can enlighten people around him. Surely, small Marco Antonio Muniz had that sparkle. He was born on one of those warm kind days, which very often occur in an early autumn. On the 16th of September, 1968 the future musician saw the world for the first time.

Marc Anthony and his father Felipe Muniz

His father, Felipe Muniz, felt like the happiest person in the world. He fathered a cute child, the person, who later would carry on his name. If he could know then, that Marc would not just carry his name on, but also would make it popular.

His mother, Guillermina, felt great after baby delivery. She couldn’t stop admiring her son – so cute, so sweet! The happy parents decided to call the boy Marco Antonio Muniz, after the name of a famous Mexican performer.

Marc Anthony started as a back vocalist

And the name got its magic. From the earliest years Marc was keen on music. The boy sang at each home party, he performed in front of his friends and his sister Yolanda, and each time his listeners couldn’t hold applause.

Marc Anthony spent his childhood and teen years in New York. His interest to music was supported by his parents. They took the boy to music classes. Marc was taught how to play musical instruments. But at the same time Marc had never considered music as a career. He performed for entertainment, but once a famous producer and actor David Harris saw his impromptu performance and convinced Marc Anthony to give music a chance to become the main occupation in his life.

Marc Anthony Career

Marc Anthony career

Marc Anthony started to perform professionally in late 1980s. At first he worked as a back vocalist. The singer told it was necessary for him to gain the initial experience. That’s why he was ready to cooperate with the famous musicians and to form gradually his own music style. Marc Anthony worked with the singer Menudo and with the band Latin Rascals. In early 1990s he felt that he was ready to start a solo career.

Marc Anthony and DJ Little Louie Vega album

The talented musician Marc Anthony presented his first album “When the Night is Over” in 1991. The disk consisted of 11 tracks, the most famous of which were the songs “Ride on the Rhythm”, “Let Me Love You”, “The Masters at Work” and others. Marc prepared the album in collaboration with a famous DJ Little Louie Vega. Although the first disk of a talented performer Marc Anthony didn’t become a sensation, still he managed to get initial recognition and develop the base of the first fans.

Marc Anthony was catapulted to stardom after the release on his fifth album, titled “Marc Anthony” in 1999. Till now the dancing hits from this disk are performed all over the world. Just from the first sounds of “I Need To Know”, the audience in the hall started to dance. Probably, this song is one of the brightest in Marc Anthony career. In addition, his self-titled album was full of such hits as “You Sang To Me”, more fragile and romantic, supported by a beautiful music video, where Marc was depicted as an artist.

Marc Anthony has become popular after the release of his self-titled album

Marc Anthony songs proved that he is not an ordinary Latin singer; he is a gifted performer, who has passion, taste and energy.

For now Marc Anthony has in his resume 12 studio albums and 15 music videos. He performs live too, and each time his performance is a great event for his fans. Marc Anthony is always worth watching, but he sounds even better, when Jennifer Lopez stays by his hand.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez Love Story

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez love story

Being both musicians, of course, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have performed together. They depicted a loving couple in “No me ames” music video and sang in duo “Escapémonos” and “Aguanile”. The last song the couple performed at American Idol Final. Marc Anthony sang and Jennifer danced. They looked perfect – so sincere, so talented. Several months after that performance the couple filed for divorce. Their separation immediately was ranked as the breakup of the year. Jen and Marc didn’t give any comments on their decision to separate, and of course, lots of rumors appeared around their split.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez started dating in 2004

It was hard to believe in JLo and Marc Anthony separation. Their love story started in a really romantic way.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony ways crossed for the first time in 1998. Then he was a struggling singer, who had already released a couple of albums, but still didn’t meet his big break. Marc performed in the musical “The Capeman”. After the performance he was introduced to a rising star Jennifer Lopez, who had just filed for divorce with her first husband. Marc Anthony was charmed by the beauty. He jokingly offered her to get married. Jennifer Lopez just smiled. She even agreed to go out for a date once. But their short romance with Marc Anthony turned to be very brief. Soon their ways separated. But not for long.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez wedded at a secret wedding ceremony

In 2004 Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez started dating again. They two turned to be incredibly secret about their relationship. They were caught by paparazzi, but didn’t give any comments about it. In June that very year Lopez and Anthony tied a knot. The ceremony was kept in a secret, and nobody knew about the married status of the couple till paparazzi caught JLo with a ring on her left hand.

After that Jen looked unbelievably happy. She went on tour with her husband. They collaborated on many songs together. In each interview JLo never got tired to tell, how she loved her husband.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez welcomed 2 kids together

In 2007 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their pregnancy. On the 22nd of February the couple welcomed twins Max and Emme. The next 4 years Jen and Anthony couple was ranked as one of the most beautiful and strongest in Hollywood. Many people worldwide took them as the role model.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez performed together numerous times

But in 2011 everything was over. They separated in July again without giving any comments. At BAFTA Brits party JLo looked depressed. She took off her ring and it caused another wave of rumors. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez announced their split. Soon she started dating a dancer Casper Smart. Marc Anthony filed for divorce. Everything was over.

Marc Anthony and his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez

Till now the reasons of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split are not known exactly. According to rumors, Marc was jealous to JLo’s successful career. Although his success was huge too, still it couldn’t be compared with Jennifer’s.

When Marc Anthony was finally ready to speak about his divorce, he told that “nothing sensational happened” and that “their marriage simply didn’t work”. But the singer confessed that he “still loves Jennifer” and “he always loves Jennifer”. In spite of this fact, he re-married soon.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez performance two months before their split

Marc Anthony Women Before and After Jennifer Lopez

It’s not a secret, that before her marriage to Marc Anthony, JLo had already been married twice. For Marc Anthony their wedding was not the first one too. Previously he tried to create a happy family with an actress Maria Von Ritchie Lopez. Immediately after their divorce the singer went down the aisles with Dayanara Torres.

Marc Anthony and his ex-wife Dayanara Torres

The model, who won Miss Universe title tried to turn salty-natured Marc Anthony into a loving husband. She gave the singer two sons and they were in on and off relationships during 4 years. Finally, in 2004 the couple decided to get divorced.

By the way, after his divorce to JLo, Marc Anthony tried to become a perfect husband for the 4th time too. He proposed to the model Shannon de Lima, and they wedded in 2014. But this marriage was not long. They separated in 2017.

Marc Anthony married Shannon de Lima after his divorce with JLo

Now Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are not just parents of two great kids, they are also close friends. In 2017 they re-united professionally and released a dancing music video to Jennifer’s song “Nu Tú Ni Yo”.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez still collaborate together

JLo and Marc Anthony fans hope, the feelings of two celebs have been woken again, and the couple will reconcile. But both, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony deny such a possibility. 

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