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Jennifer Nettles Net Worth

$24 million

  • Real name / birth name Jennifer Odessa Nettles
  • Occupation singer, songwriter, actress
  • Source of Wealth music; acting
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth September 12, 1974
  • Age 48
  • Zodiac sign Virgo
  • Birth place Douglas, Georgia, United States
Sources 2018 2019 $20 million $20 million $20 million $24 million

$24 million


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How Much is Jennifer Nettles Worth?

Jennifer Nettles impresses her fans by her good looks and a strong low voice. The woman, who rose to stardom as a country singer, can boast not just with hit songs and well-selling albums, but also with $24 million net worth.

Jennifer earned her multi-million fortune mostly through her singing activity. She reached her stardom as the signer of “Soul Miner’s Daughter”. As a part of the group, she released two studio albums. Nettles reached Music Olympus as the part of Sugarland Band. As the member of this group she presented 3 studio albums. Finally, Jennifer started to perform solo in 2014. From that moment she has already released 3 albums. Her albums are sold worldwide, and thus the stellar country singer gets a constant income.

She performs live as well, and puts piles of cash in her pocket after each such gig.

In 2015 Nettles found another source of income – she tried her hand as an actress. Jennifer appeared in “Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors”. Her performance was valued by critics, so she can develop her initial success and make her net worth even bigger.

Although Jennifer Nettles can’t boast with too many lucrative endorsement offers, still she participated in Pepsi Max Super Bowl. Hopefully, it will open Jennifer the door to many other profitable advertising contracts, which will increase her wages.

In 2012 Jennifer Nettles took part in the show “Duets” as a judge. The project was closed after 2 seasons because of low ratings. Nevertheless it served as a solid source of income for Nettles.

In 2015 the signer debuted on Broadway in the musical “Chicago”. Jennifer portrayed Roxy Hart (Renee Zellweger depicted this heroine in a screen version of the play). This regular job is one more source of wealth for Nettle.

Jennifer is a really affluent person. At the same time she doesn’t look like a Grammy winning star (Nettles was awarded with 2 Grammies in 2009 – as the songwriter and the part of the band), but like a sweet kind-hearted person. Probably, she brought that inner light from childhood.

Jennifer Nettles Bio and Career

Jennifer Nettles never gets tired to tell in her interviews, that she managed to reach the high arc of her success mostly due to her mother’s support. The schoolteacher Carla Temple encouraged her daughter to sing. Jennifer sang everywhere she could – at the wedding and at the funeral, in the church or in the theater. Having graduated from school, Jennifer decided to make career of a singer and songwriter.

During her studying at college Nettles formed her first band “Soul Miner’s Daughter” alongside Cory Jones, and their project enjoyed modest success.

Jennifer’s finest hour came in 2000, when the young performer got the main prize in “The Big Deal $100,000 Music Search”. Three years later she founded another band with Kristen Hall and Kristian Bush, named “Sugarland”. Nettles and her band colleagues rose to international stardom, but several years later they disbanded and currently Jennifer performs solo.


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