Jennifer Tilly Net Worth

Jennifer Tilly Net Worth is $25 Million

How rich is Jennifer Tilly?

Nickname: Jennifer Chan

Date of birth: the 16th of September, 1958

Profession: actress, screenwriter, voice actress

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much is Jennifer Tilly Worth?

Poker lover Jennifer Tilly

It is not an easy thing for a poker player to save a huge wealth, but the actress Jennifer Tilly (who is known by her love to that game) coped with it. Her net worth is estimated at $25 million.

Jennifer Tilly has become rich, saving the salary she got from her movies and TV shows. The actress, who featured in a number of super-successful movies, got huge payment for each her screen appearance. No wonder, as she is a really talented entertainer, who created such bright fictional heroines as Moyra Luciano in “Bella Mafia”, Samantha Cole in “Liar Liar”, Nurse Saundra in “Moonlighting” etc. Among her recent projects, she portrayed Ginny in “Drop Dead Diva”.

Jennifer Tilly in Drop Dead Diva

Alongside acting, Jennifer Tilly tried her hand as a screenwriter. She co-wrote the script to the comedy “Inconceivable”, thus having added a solid amount to her net worth.

Besides Jennifer lent her voice to Celia in “Monsters, Inc”, which made her popular amount the young viewers too.

Jennifer Tilly’s net worth is big enough and it grows from year to year, as the actress is constantly busy with upcoming projects. Thus soon we will admire her play in a thriller “Cult of Chucky”.

So, Tilly has that kind of career each actor can be proud of. But how did she start her way on top?

Jennifer Tilly’s Way On Top

Jennifer Tilly young

The star and affluent woman Jennifer Tilly knew nothing about luxury in her early years. She was born in a family of Chinese immigrant Harry Chan and his wife Patrica Tilly. Jennifer’s father earned his living as a car salesman and her mother was a teacher. In her young years Patrica Tilly tried her hand as an actress, and it was she, who inspired her daughter to choose this profession.

When Jennifer was in her kindergarten age, her parents separated and she stayed with her mother. Later Patricia married John Ward, a hippie, who raised Jennifer.

In her intention to become an actress, Jennifer Tilly entered Stephens College. She graduated with a degree in Bachelor Arts and began to look for an acting job.

Jennifer Tilly net worth

Before she has become celebrated as an actress, Jennifer Tilly earned her living as a waitress. She served sandwiches and salads on the restaurant tables.

Tilly debuted as Gina in “Hill Street Blues”. She rose to fame due to her roles in cult films “Remote Control”, “Hey Arnold!”, “Man with a Gun” etc. 

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