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Jillian Michaels Net Worth

$14 million

  • Real name / birth name Jillian Barberie Michaels
  • Occupation personal trainer, TV personality, business person, author
  • Source of Wealth television, sports
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth February 18, 1974
  • Age 48
  • Zodiac sign Aquarius
  • Birth place Los Angeles, California, United States
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https://plungedindebt.com/jillian-michaels-net-worth/ plungedindebt.com $14 million

$14 million


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How Much is Jillian Michaels Worth?

There are people, who were born with a silver spoon in the mouth. Of course, it’s great, when your parents or a spouse can provide you for everything you want – expensive clothes, jewelry, a modern car etc. But it is even more interesting to climb the career peak yourself, to prove that you really worse the money you are spending.

Jillian Michaels is one of those people, who have built their career, starting from scratch, and she deserves each penny of her income. Jillian Michaels net worth is estimated at $14 million. Some sources rank her wealth as $4 million. In any case, Jillian Michaels is a great woman, strong person and hard-working business lady.

The major part of her wealth Jillian earned as a personal trainer. She has built her own fitness empire, which consists of numerous weight-loss programs, nutrition books, video workouts, invented by Jillian Michaels to help people all over the world lose extra weight.

Jillian Michaels got international recognition as the coach of the project “The Biggest Loser” in 2004. Six years later Jillian started to host another show “Losing It with Jillian”. Due to these two shows, Jillian Michaels makes thousands of dollars per year.

In addition she sells her books “Master your Metabolism”, “Winning by Losing” etc. Some of her books have appeared in New York Times list of best sellers.

The other powerful source of Michaels’s wealth is selling of her workout disks. People all over the world are looking forward to workout programs from Jillian and are ready to pay a huge amount for them. Michaels workouts “Body Revolution” and “BodyShred” are known worldwide.

So, now Jillian Michaels’ net worth comes bigger from year to year. It is hard to believe, that this strong woman started her life as a loser.

Jillian Michaels Bio and Career

When the future fitness star was in her teens, she hated her body. Jillian was incredibly fat – she weighed 80 kg, being just 157 cm tall. The reason of her obesity was stress. Jillian parents divorced, when the girl was just 12 years old. Her relationships with her father were quite complicated. Later she stopped to communicate with him at all.

Jillian was bullied at school. Her mother tried to help the girl. She took Jill to gym, where she started to practice martial arts. As Michaels thinks now, it was that very thing, which changed her world.

Jillian started to train not just her body, but her spirit too. Very often she came to gym with the thought, “I will never do it!” and then made incredibly complicated movements, becoming stronger and slimmer.

When Jillian had lost her weight and built the body of her dream, she began to help other people with similar problems. Thus she started her career of a personal trainer, which made her unexpectedly rich and popular.

In 2002 Jillian Michaels opened her own fitness centre “Sky Sport & Spa” in Beverly Hills. Two years later she became the coach of “The Biggest Loser” and was its star during 11 seasons.

Now Jillian Michaels is concentrated on her personal life. She is engaged to a woman Heidi Rhoades. The couple brings up two children – Heidi’s son and the adopted daughter.


Heidi and Jillian live in a typical for rich Americans house, which is situated in Hollywood Hills. Jill spent $1, 56 million from her bank account to get the property. Michaels house is surprisingly nice – just like its charismatic owner. Jillian owns a sturdy two-story residence, which looks respectable and very simple. The house has several tall windows, which let the sunlight easily enter the premises. The windows are of rectangular shape, they are beautiful and not overloaded with decorative elements.

The roomy garage is situated on the first floor of the residence. But Jillian Michaels didn’t open up about the vehicles she has.

Nevertheless she shared with her fans her rule of success. “Always follow what’s in your heart, avoid the feeling of helplessness”, she said.


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