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Joaquin Phoenix


Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix Net Worth is $30 Million

How rich is Joaquin Phoenix?

Nicknames: Joaquín Rafael Bottom, Joaquín Rafael Phoenix; Kitten

Date of birth: the 28th of October, 1974

Profession: actor, producer, music director

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much is Joaquin Phoenix Worth?

The award winning actor Joaquin Phoenix owns $30 million net worth. Some other sources estimate it at $25 million. But in any case, Joaquin is an affluent person, who is able to buy the most expensive and valuable things in the world.

He managed to become rich, getting salary for his roles. By the way, Joaquin Phoenix is a talented actor, that’s why most part of the movies, where he is cast, becomes internationally popular hits. Of course, it affects his salary.

Joaquin Phoenix earned $375, 000 for the drama “Quills”, $1 million for “Signs” and $3, 5 million for “Walk the Line”. The last movie brought him a Golden Globe award.

Joaquin Phoenix biography facts

Alongside acting, Joaquin Phoenix made cash as a music director. He directed the music videos for famous bands, such as “Ringside”, “She Wants Revenge” and some others.

In addition, Joaquin Phoenix has an easy and powerful source of wealth – endorsements. The actor endorsed Prada and some other famous fashion brands.

Thus, Joaquin Phoenix saved an astonishing wealth. But how did he start his way on top?

Joaquin Phoenix Bio

Joaquin Phoenix young

The future star Joaquin Phoenix was born in a small Puerto Rican town Rio Piedras. His parents, Arlyn and John Lee Bottom, gave a birth to 6 children. The family was not rich, but Joaquin parents did everything they could to make their kids happy – they spent a lot of time with them, travelled a lot and taught what defines right and wrong.

By the way, Arlyn and John Lee were vegans, and they brought up their kids in love to nature and to all living beings on earth. Till now the famous actor Joaquin Phoenix is vegan. He is the active participant of animal rights organizations.

Joaquin Phoenix with Palme D'Or at Cannes Festival

When Joaquin crossed the 5th age mark, his parents finally settled in Los Angeles. There they changed the family name “Bottom” to “Phoenix”. In LA Arlyn found the job of a secretary at NBC. She helped her kids, including Joaquin, start career on TV. Thus, Joaquin Phoenix appeared in commercials. He attended music lessons, and together with his brothers and sisters performed on the streets of LA.

Phoenix was cast in his first TV show “ABC Afterschool Specials” in 1981. Five years later he debuted on the big screen in the movie “SpaceCamp”.

He rose to fame as the Roman Emperor in the movie “Gladiator”.

Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line

The actor proved his star status, having portrayed a musician and Reese Witherspoon screen husband in a biopic drama “Walk the Line”. The actor spent the salary for this movie to buy a house.

Joaquin Phoenix House

Multi-million salary and enormous net worth gives Joaquin Phoenix a great opportunity to buy luxurious property – mansions, apartments and villas.

The star tries his best to hide from public eyes his personal cave. But journalists managed to find the actor’s house, where he lives most part of the year.

Joaquin Phoenix house

Joaquin Phoenix bought Hollywood Hills home for $4, 8 million. The actor bought an ordinary (according to Hollywood standards) mansion in autumn, 2006.

The house consists of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living-room, a dining-room and a kitchen. It has 2, 51 sq.ft of living space.

Joaquin Phoenix mansion is beautiful both, inside and outside. In the back part of the house there’s a courtyard, where the Oscar-nominated actor can spend a great barbeque time. The courtyard has a marvelous grassy surface. It is decorated with a stone waterfall. Oh, and there’s a pool here too!

Joaquin Phoenix Car

Joaquin Phoenix car

Celebrities drive limos and other luxurious vehicles to numerous public events and ceremonies. Very often they hire personal drivers. But in everyday life most of A list Hollywood actors are seen behind the wheel themselves. What cars do they choose?
As for Joaquin Phoenix, his choice is simple and predictable at the same time. He chose black Lexus RX350. No wonder, because this car is one of the best in the world. Phoenix vehicle is more comfortable and safer than the other Lexus cars.

Joaquin Phoenix car

Lexus RX350 performance is fast and smooth at the same time. It has emergency braking option and sound insulation. The roomy car is a perfect choice for strong and active Joaquin Phoenix. The star paid $95, 000 for it. 

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