Jodie Sweetin Net Worth

Jodie Sweetin Net Worth is $800, 000

How rich is Jodie Sweetin?

Nickname: Jodie Lee-Ann Sweetin

Date of birth: the 18th of January, 1982

Profession: actress, dancer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television

How Much is Jodie Sweetin Worth?

Blue-eyed blond with ideal figure, Jodie Sweetin has a net worth of $800, 000. This amount seems really small to most of people, as the cute actress started to earn the money of her own at a tender age of 4, when she appeared in a number of commercials, including Sizzler restaurant ads. But at the age of 14 the bright child star Jodie began to drink alcohol and use drugs. Thus she developed addiction and her career stopped for a long period. In 2009 she coped with her drug problems and continued her career. But her net worth is not so big in comparison with other TV stars of her level.

The main source of Jodie Sweetin net worth is her work of an actress. Currently she is busy at "Fuller House" film set.

Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron Bure in "Fuller House"

In 2016 she tried to monetize her talent of a singer as well and released the soundtrack “The Boy Next Door”. In addition she makes money from selling of her memoir “UnSweetined”, where she shared her drug problems and the way she solved them.

Jodie Sweetin’s Way On Top

Jodie Sweetin was adopted at the age of 9 months by her uncle and his wife. Her biological parents were imprisoned, when the baby girl was born. She liked acting most of all and appeared in the commercials at the age of 4. Jodie’s adoptive parents asked her not to tell the classmates and teachers about her acting career for them not to think, Jodie was forced to earn money by her stepmother and stepfather.

Sweetin made her debut in “Valerie” series and then rose to stardom as a regular actress of “Full House”.

Small Jodie Sweetin in "Full House"

Having coped with her drug problems, Jodie Sweetin continued her career and appeared in a number of screen projects, including the movie “Port City” and the series “Fuller House” (spinoff of “Full House”).

Sweetin demonstrated her skills of a dancer in the 22nd season of “Dancing with the Stars”. Her partner Keo Motsepe and she occupied the 6th position.

Thus Jodie Sweetin earns her living and continues to save her net worth, which hopefully will become bigger soon. 

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