John Fredriksen

John Fredriksen Net Worth is $10, 2 Billion


$10, 2 billion


$10, 1 billion


$12 billion



John Fredriksen net worth

Nickname: The Norwegian shipping king

Date of birth: the 10th of May, 1944

Profession: businessman, investor

Nationality: Norway

Source of wealth: shipping

Although the previous year is considered as not so successful for John Fredriksen because of global reduction of world trade, still he can boast with $10, 2 billion net worth. The owner of the tanker fleet, who was born in Norway and currently is the citizen of Cyprus, started his career from scratch and was named by Forbes as a totally self-made man.

Fredriksen was born in Oslo, and his father earned his living as a welder. John dreamed to become commercially successful since his teens and his first job was a broker trainee. His first salary was miserable, but a sneaky young man studied the work of the company and soon felt that he was ready to start his own business.

John Fredriksen career break up took place in 1980s, during the war between Iran and Iraq. Then John started to save his net worth, mining oil in the region, where the war took place. He was a talented businessman, strong and ready for a competition. It was dangerous to work there, but John was ready for everything and soon his company Frontline Ltd has become the leader in the region.

Frontline Ltd is not the only one company, which belongs to the business mogul. He moved from Norway to Cyprus, where the taxes were much lower, and opened a number of companies there, including but not limited to SeaDrill, Golden Ocean Group, Hemet Holdings.

John Fredriksen owns mansions and houses all over the world. He has property in London, Norway and other countries. The billionaire spends in his London house lots of time now. He has a number of expensive hobbies. He owned a football club Valerenga I.F. He is also a passionate collector of Norwegian art.

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