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John Kerry

John Kerry net worth is $194 Million



$194 million


$194 million


$194 million


John Kerry net worth

Nickname: John Forbes Kerry, Liveshot

Date of birth: the 11th of December, 1943

Profession: politician, lawyer, soldier

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: policy

John Kerry is a successful politician, current U. S. State Secretary and a very rich person with a net worth of $194 million. John Kerry’s earnings seem impressive to ordinary people, but to earn such a net worth, he tried various jobs, starting from a gunboat officer and ending with a politician.

In fact, small John Kerry had an excellent up-bringing. His father, Richard Kerry, was very rich too. He served as a Foreign Service officer, that’s why Kerry family spent a lot of time abroad.

John Kerry is a devoted catholic. He served as an altar boy in his early years. Kerry was fond of policy since his school time. After graduation from school he studied policy professionally at prestigious Yale University.

John Kerry dreamed to become a politician not just to make money. He believed in his values. To protect his ideals he had become an active participant of the Vietnam War. He was a gunboat officer and proved to be a brave soldier during the years of his service. His courage was awarded with several medals.

Having retired from military service, John Kerry wanted to support the other Vietnam War veterans. He co-founded Vietnam Veterans of America organization.

Then John Kerry earned his net worth as a successful lawyer. In 1982 he decided to start career of a politician. Two years later he managed to become a Senator of Massachusetts.

In 2004 John Kerry took part in a political run for Presidency but lost to George W. Bush.

In February, 2013 Kerry was proposed by Barack Obama as the next U. S. State Secretary and his candidacy was approved.

We will see if John Kerry can save his position and high earnings now, after a change of U. S. President.

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