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John Rosatti

John Rosatti Net Worth is $200 Million

How rich is John Rosatti?

Nickname: John

Date of birth: 1944

Profession: businessman, car dealer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: car dealing business, restaurants

How Much is John Rosatti Worth?

How much is John Rosatti worth?

John Rosatti net worth is estimated at $200 million. By the way, John comes from a middle class family, and his wealth is a result of his hard work and persistence.

Rosatti made the first step on top in 1976, when he bought Honda factory. He developed his car dealing business and soon had become one of the most successful car dealers in USA.

But even having become a very rich man, John Rosatti didn’t stop. That was not enough for him, and he decided to start another business venture. John augmented his wealth, having opened Plaza Auto Mall in Brooklyn.

From that moment John Rosatti sold cars not only in New York City area, but also in Nevada, New Jersey, Florida and other states.

John Rosatti restaurants chain BurgerFi

Being an energetic person, John Rosatti enlarged the area of his business interests. He opened the chain of restaurants, named BurgerFi. In his restaurants delicious food is served – perfect burgers, fries, hotdogs etc.

Various business holdings brought John Rosatti astonishing $200 million net worth. But what is the secret of his success?

John Rosatti Bio

John Rosatti is often asked about the secret of his success. In this case John answers, that he has always been hard working, he has kept his word and he has been kind to people.

In any case, John Rosatti made an enviable career, that’s why his bio can inspire the other people to do the same.

He was born in 1944. John’s parents, Edward and Angeline, were not rich, but they had worked very hard and taught their son to do the same.

John began to work at the age of 13 to support his parents. He has always been interested in cars. That’s why he started to earn his living as a mechanic assistant and later as a mechanic.

His hard and persistent work soon made him popular among the car owners. The talented teenager got lots of clients, and thus he managed to save some cash.

John Rosatti biography

The other step in John Rosatti career was opening a small body shop. Soon Rosatti enjoyed a high level of income. He saved a solid amount, and then used it to get Honda factory. From that moment John Rosatti career turned into the realization of American dream.

As for now, John Rosatti is a big player in business area. And like any other big player, he must have a big rest too.

John Rosatti House

John Rosatti house

John Rosatti owns several houses in various states of the country. One of his most recent purchases is Las Olas mansion. The rich businessman bought it for $12 million. He resides there with his girlfriend Dawn Kimball and three kids from his first marriage. By the way, John was previously married Bonni Rosatti. The woman gave a birth to his three children and then died in a car accident.

John Rosatti kids

Nowadays John’s kids enjoy a great life in his father’s luxurious home. The mansion consists of two storeys. It can boast with 8,764 sq. ft. of living space.

John Rosatti girlfriend Dawn Kimball

Alongside the house, built in the shape of U letter, there’s a garage, where Rosatti keeps his numerous vehicles. Of course, there’s a deep pool in the back part of the house – a must-have for celebs.

John Rosatti Cars and Jets

John Rosatti owns lots of cars, but not just these vehicles are in John Rosatti collection. He is a proud owner of Challenger 600 and Leer 35.

Challenger 600 is a luxurious business jet, produced by a military plane manufacturer Canadair. Quite often rich businessmen get it to fly fast and safely for various business events and meetings. Challenger 600 is the favorite jet for both, pilots and passengers. Pilots like it for easy operation, economical use of fuel and smooth motion, while passengers like its stunning look and comfortable spacious cabin.

John Rosatti cars and jets

Leer 35 belongs to business jets too. It’s manufactured by Learjet, the Canadian company. Leer 35 is an elegant and safe choice for each powerful entrepreneur.

John Rosatti uses not just sky to come to the place of destination, but sea too. He has a great yacht!

So, John Rosatti knows two sides of the spectrum – how to earn money and how to spend it in the elegant way!

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