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John Travolta


John Travolta

John Travolta Net Worth is $165 Million

How rich is John Travolta?

Nickname: John Joseph Travolta

Date of birth: the 18th of February, 1954

Profession: actor, producer, screenwriter, singer, dancer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much is John Travolta Worth?

John Travolta net worth

The famous American actor John Travolta owns a huge net worth of $165 million. He accumulated his wealth through his job of an actor. Have a look at his salary per some of his films.

John Travolta Salary for Some of his Movies:

“White Man's Burden”

$500, 000

“Broken Arrow”

$8 million


$12 million

“The General's Daughter”

$20 million

“Lucky Numbers”

$22 million

Travolta rose to fame in 1970s, when he portrayed Vinnie Barbarino in the series “Welcome Back, Kotter”. Not everyone knows, that John Travolta is not just a strong handsome man, he is also a skilful dancer. His love to music and ability to move graciously at a film set made John Travolta the star of musicals. In late 1970s he played in such musical films as “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease”. During that period John Travolta was considered as one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, but in 1980s his popularity decreased.

Uma Thurman and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction

The talented entertainer climbed his peak again in 1994, when he played opposite young Uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantino film “Pulp Fiction”. Travolta earned just $150, 000 per his play – a nuisance for the actor of his stature. But the role of Vincent Vega has become one of the brightest in actor’s film list. After that his salary made a huge leap forward – Travolta started to get more and more for each movie appearance. Soon his movie salary got close to astonishing $20 million. 

Alongside acting, John Travolta earned his living as a producer and screenwriter. One of his most successful productions is the series “American Crime Story”. In addition Travolta made money through endorsements. He advertised several brands, including Breitling watches.

John Travolta and David Beckham endorse Breitling watches

John Travolta’s Way On Top

Hollywood would be different without Travolta’s open smile and hot muscled body. But how did he find the way on top?

John Travolta young

Frankly speaking, acting has been close to John Travolta’s heart since his early years. His mother, Helen Burke, was a drama coach and actress. It was she, who inspired Travolta and his 5 siblings to study dancing and music.

When Travolta was 16 years old, he made up his mind to become an actor. The future celebrity, John started to earn money by his own, acting in theater plays. He sang and danced and soon his performance was noticed by influential producers. Travolta moved his way to Broadway and then finally, debuted on TV.

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston

Currently John Travolta is 63. His net worth continues to grow, as the restless star participates in new projects (as an actor and producer) every year. He is married to an actress Kelly Preston. They gave a birth to three children. Their elder son, who suffered from autism, died unexpectedly in the bathroom. Now the star has a daughter (17 years old) and a son (7 years old).

John Travolta is the owner of a luxurious mansion. He also has private jets and enormous car collection.

John Travolta House

John Travolta house

Celebrities invest millions of dollars in their property, that’s why their mansions often look extraordinary and luxurious. But John Travolta owns, probably, the most original home. He has Jumbolair Aviation Estate (Florida), which is estimated at $5 million. John Travolta is a certified pilot.

John Travolta's jet

He owns Qantas Boeing 707 and several other jets, which he uses to travel for pleasure and on business. He is allowed to fly just from his estate – the actor has 2 runways, which lead directly to his door. “Piloting is my second profession and it saves me now, when I am not so busy with acting”, John Travolta says. The private airport is seen just from John Travolta’s living-room.

John Travolta house

John Travolta Collection of Vehicles

John Travolta car

Private Jets are not the only one passion of the legendary actor. John Travolta owns a huge garage too. He has about 16 lavish vehicles there. Among them there are such great car models as Ford Thunderbird, Jaguar XJ6, Mercedes-Benz, which he bought for $100, 000, etc. 

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