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Johnny Orlando


Johnny Orlando

Johnny Orlando Net Worth is from $300, 000 to $500, 000

How rich is Johnny Orlando?

Nickname: Jo

Date of birth: the 24th of January, 2003

Profession: singer, YouTube star, actor

Nationality: Canada

Source of wealth: music, acting, YouTube

How Much is Johnny Orlando Worth?

How much is Johnny Orlando worth?

It is no surprise, that Johnny Orlando has already gathered half a million net worth to his so young age – the boy is just 15. He is a multi-talented personality, who managed to become popular as a singer and as an actor. Johnny is not focused solely on some kind of entertaining activity and shares his time between recording new music videos, participating in new TV shows, giving his voice to animation film heroes and posting videos at YouTube.

Johnny Orlando is a YouTube star

Johnny Orlando launched his YouTube channel in December, 2011. Then the primary school pupil posted his music and lifestyle videos and also featured on his sister’s YouTube channel. Inspired by another Canadian star Justin Bieber, whose popularity started to grow due to his music videos at YouTube, Johnny Orlando decided to become a big pop star of his generation too. At first the boy presented covers of popular songs, such as Justin Bieber “Mistletoe”, Pink “Just Give Me A Reason”, Taylor Swift “Bad Blood” and many others. At the age of 9 the boy posted his first original song, named “Summertime”.

Johnny Orlando presented his versions of popular songs

In 2015 Johnny Orlando presented his first EP “Vxiixi”. The first attempt of a talented Canadian singer to become a music star turned to be quite successful. As for now, he is going to continue his career in the industry.

Alongside singing, Johnny Orlando develops his career of an actor. The boy voiced Travis Barclay in the animation “Bunyan and Babe” and acted in the series “Super Why!”

Johnny Orlando is an actor too

In addition to acting and singing, Johnny Orlando makes cash as a YouTube star too. He runs two channels, Johnny Orlando and Johnny Orlando Vlogs with respectively 2 million and 1 million subscribers.

The social media star and aspiring musician, Johnny Orlando has a chance to become even more popular and successful in the nearest future. But what did he start from?

Johnny Orlando Bio

Johnny Orlando biography facts

Johnny Orlando was born in winter, 2003 in Mississauga, Canada. He is a son of Dale and Meredith Orlando.

The boy didn’t tell, who his parents are by professions, but no doubt, they are quite rich. Johnny grew up alongside three sisters; all of them are social media stars. Johnny’s mother is a great sports enthusiast and a fast runner (he told about it in one of his videos). As for a mother of 4, she has a perfect body.

Johnny Orlando family is rich

Johnny Orlando graduated from a middle school in 2017. It is not known, if he plans to continue his education, or he wants to focus solely on singing and acting.

The boy fell in love with music at the age of 6. Two years later he has already recorded his own version of Justin Bieber song. Now he works hard in order to develop his music skills and to enlarge his fan base.

Johnny Orlando rose to fame as a singer

Jo Orlando personal life is so interesting for his followers. The boy is not dating anyone as for now. But he was rumored to date a dancer Mackenzie Ziegler (Maddie Ziegler sister), with whom he had a number of collaborative videos.

Johnny Orlando and Mackenzie Ziegler

Currently Jo lives in his parents luxurious mansion in Oakville, Canada. He uploaded the tour around his house to his channel.

Johnny Orlando House

Johnny Orlando house

Jo Orlando house looks really impressive. Most of his fans understood, that their favorite star comes from a very rich family (probably, the upper class or the upper middle class family). “The richest are become even richer”, one of his viewers wrote under his video.

Johnny Orlando House consists of two storeys. It can boast with a number of comfortable bedrooms, a living-room, combined with a dining-room, a kitchen, several bathrooms, Jo’s father’s office room etc.

The boy showed his fans the basement of the house too. There are a cinema room and a gym in the basement.

As Johnny Orlando confessed to his fans, most part of his music videos were filmed in a stunning home of his parents.

Johnny Orlando house in Canada

There’s a roomy garage on the territory of the mansion too, but the young singer didn’t show, what vehicle – or even vehicles his parents own.

Johnny Orlando home tour caused contradictory reviews from his followers. “Your parents are rich, but you did anything to deserve it”, his subscriber rebuked Jo.  

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