Jon Bon Jovi Wife Dorothea Hurley: Love and Infinite Patience

Jon Bon Jovi is 55, but he is still popular and has a tough schedule. If the other music stars feel, their fame goes pale with age, Jon Bon Jovi seems to become even more popular. But long-term career is not the only thing Jon can boast with. He can also be proud of his happy and stable family life.

The fairy of his house is Dorothea Hurley, his wife of 28 years, mother of his 4 children and his best song. It is hard to believe that popular rock musician can become a good family man, that’s why journalists very often ask Jon Bon Jovi about his wife – that unique woman, who supported him through years. If you want to know the secret of a happy marriage, you should read about Jon Bon Jovi wife Dorothea.

Who is Dorothea Hurley?

Dorothea R Hurley was born in 1962, on the 29th of September. The girl grew up in an ordinary American family. Her parents, Donald and Dorothea Hurley, cared about their three children (Dorothea has two brothers – Calvin and Colleen) and tried to teach them, that happy family life is more important, than career.

Dorothea attended a high school in Metuchen, New Jersey. There she got acquainted with a future star Jon Bon Jovi. But young ambitious fellow with big blue eyes and a bush of blonde hair seemed too self-confident to the teen girl. That’s why Dorothea started dating Bon Jovi’s friend Bobby. She was nicknamed as “Bobby's Girl”.

Jon Bon Jovi was not successful in his studying. Dorothea, on the contrary, was a brilliant pupil. Once her eccentric co-student Jon sat near her and looked into her paper. He cheated on a test and thus got the better mark. Gradually two young people became friends and after that started dating. Dorothea was not interested in career making, she dreamed about a happy family. Jon Bon Jovi, on the contrary, dreamed to become popular.

Young Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea

He founded the band “Bon Jovi” in early 1980-s, recorded his first song “Runaway” and was getting ready to release the first album. In 1985 he had a romance with a young actress Diane Lane and at the same time dated Dorothea. “I was not saint”, Jon Bon Jovi commented later.

Young Diane Lane

That moment in his life was described in the book “Sex, Drugs And Bon Jovi”, authored by Rich Bozzett, ex-band manager. Bozzett wrote that Diane soon fell in love with the other band member Richie Sambora (ex-husband of an actress Heather Locklear). Jon Bon Jovi got crazy from jealousy.

Richie Sambora (left) and Jon Bon Jovi

Dorothea Hurley was a wise woman. She supported her loved one’s cheating at school, when he popped into her papers. And she supported him later, when he was involved into a painful love triangle.

Jon Bon Jovi Wife Dorothea

In late 1980-s Bon Jovi felt, lots of sex and drug is that slippery surface, where he can fall easily. He needed some stability in his life. He was ready to stop. That’s why he took Dorothea with him to his concert in Las Vegas. They got secretly married after the show. Dorothea and Jon Bon Jovi have been together since 1989.

What is the Secret of Happiness?

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley

Many people, who sympathize Dorothea, think that she was not happy in her personal life. Jon Bon Jovi was known to date Helena Christensen and Cindy Crawford – in spite of the fact he was married. But Dorothea has never showed her sorrow. When paparazzi caught her in the street she had always looked smiling and very calm.

Dorothea gave Jon his four greatest hits (according to his own words). These hits are his children.  The couple brings up a daughter and three sons. And Jon seems to be a great father.

Jon Bon Jovi wife and children

So, what is the secret of happiness? Dorothea is not a jealous person. As her husband used to tell, she had never got crazy to see him in a tight circle of his female fans. At the same time, she is strong. As Bon Jovi said, he had always known, she can leave him and bring up their children herself. That stopped the rock star, when he met some pretty girl on his way. Besides, Jon and Dorothea always knew when to shut up (as the singer told in his interview with “Sunday Night”)

Jon Bon Jovi about his Wife

Jon Bon Jovi loves his wife and he tells about her with great warmth. Dorothea is involved into charity. She runs Jon Bon Jovi Foundation. She helps her husband run a restaurant too. Dorothea Hurley and Jon Bon Jovi run “JBJ Soul Kitchen” too.

Jon Bon Jovi Foundation Event

“She is that kind of woman, who is a great lover and a great friend. I always want to spend the time with her”, Jon Bon Jovi says about his wife. 

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