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Julius Thomas Net Worth is $13, 2 Million



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$13, 2 million



Julius Thomas net worth

Nickname: Julius Dewayne Thomas

Date of birth: the 27th of June, 1988

Profession: American football player

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: American football

Julius Thomas is an internationally famous NFL player, who saved $13, 2 million net worth. Julius’ main source of wealth now is his salary from play for Jacksonville Jaguars. He competed for his team in NFL. Jags signed Julius Thomas in 2015. That deal cost team managers $46 million. Thomas’s contract will last till 2020.

Julius Thomas was born in an ordinary American family. He got interested in sports during his school years. Having graduated from school, Julius entered Portland State University, where he continued playing American football for the University team. Before Thomas started career of a pro football player, he got Bachelor Degree in Business.

Julius Thomas played for Portland State Team and set a number of records there. His successful play made him a kind of celebrity in his native city and soon he was signed by Denver Bronkos. Thomas showed his business skills, when he had signed $2, 4 million deal.

In 2015 Julius Thomas’s earnings increased a lot, when he started to play for Jacksonville Jaguars. Thomas got great salary, but he had to cope with many troubles, having started his career in Jags. The tight-end Julius Thomas broke his hand in October, 2015 and that’s why couldn’t appear on the field. Besides he had a conflict with a quarterback Blake Bortlzom.

But in 2016 Thomas managed to find a common language with a quarterback. During the season 2016, Thomas played in 9 games and could boast with 30 receptions and 4 touchdowns.

Blake Bortlzom, his team-mate, characterized the talented tight-end in his interview. “He is incredible. He is an unusual athlete!”

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