Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Net Worth is $245 Million



$245 million


$225 million


$200 million


$244 million

Justin Bieber net worth

Nicknames: Justin Drew Bieber, The Biebs, JB

Date of birth: the 1st of March, 1994

Profession: singer

Nationality: Canada

Source of wealth: music

Justin Bieber Net Worth by Year

(Estimated by Moneynation)


$41 million


$138 million


$169 million


$186 million


$245 million


Justin Bieber is very often called a sensation. He reached his stardom, being still a teenager, and earned $245 million net worth to his 23rd anniversary. Justin’s main source of wealth is his singing activity, but he also makes cash through acting, YouTube channel, endorsements etc. His annual earnings in 2014 were estimated as $80 million by Therichest.

Most part of Justin Bieber wealth comes from his concert tours. Teenagers get crazy in order to watch the live performance of their idol. His world tour “The Purpose” brought the star about $88 million (according to Moneynation). People buy tickets to Justin Bieber’s shows within minutes in spite of the fact they cost a pretty penny. Some part of Justin’s net worth comes from his album selling. The debut album of the star, named “My World 2.0”, was certified as multi platinum. Currently Bieber can boast with 4 studio albums. He got $18 million from his albums selling.

Justin can be called a YouTube phenomenon. Actually, he rose to stardom as YouTube star. It was his mother, who uploaded several Justin’s home music videos to the platform. For now Justin Bieber makes $107 million from YouTube only.

Justin Bieber fills his pockets with money, participating in numerous endorsements too. He advertised Nike, perfume Someday, shoes Supra etc. In total Justin Bieber made $80 million through advertisement.

Justin was ranked by Forbes as one of the richest celebrities under 30. Bieber was pulled to stardom after the release of his hit "My World". For now the star can boast with such hit songs as “Love Me”, “Baby”, “Sorry” etc. 

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