Karen Gravano

Karen Gravano Net Worth is $400, 000

How rich is Karen Gravano?

Nicknames: Karen; Mafia Princess

Date of birth: the 30th of June, 1979

Profession: actress, author

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television

How Much is Karen Gravano Worth?

Have you ever dreamed to be a son or a daughter of a celebrity? Probably, it is really cool, when one of your parents is rich and famous – and lots of doors are opened in front of you without any effort.

But Karen Gravano spent the major part of her life trying to avoid the glory of her popular father. She is a daughter of a well-known mobster Salvatore Gravano.

Karen Gravano net worth is estimated at $400, 000. Probably, that’s not too big for a daughter of a criminal underboss. But Karen didn’t get that money from her family. She saved it herself.

The huge part of that amount Karen got through acting. Although she is hard to be called a famous actress, still she has some items in her film list, which enjoyed wide popularity and brought Gravano a solid income. She starred in reality series “Mob Wives” and made several short talk show appearances – in The Wendy Williams Show, Chelsea Lately show etc.

Karen Gravano is posing with her book

In addition, Gravano gets passive income from selling of her book “Mob Daughter”.

Karen Gravano’s Way On Top

Actually, it is hard to tell, that Karen struggled a lot in order to become wealthy and famous. The daughter of a criminal, she lived in a luxury and had no idea, what her father did to earn his living. When Karen was 10, she entered her father’s room without knocking and noticed the gun in his hands. That time she suspected that he was a criminal.

Karen’s father Sammy, nicknamed “The Bull”, killed 19 people before he had started his collaboration with police and had become the informant.

Karen Gravano net worth

Gravano remembers, that being a Mafia Princess, like she was called in school, gave some privileges to her. For example, she had always got the best table in a restaurant, located in the neighborhood. Besides her father’s boss John Gotti gave her $10, 000 paycheck – it was a present for Karen’s 16th birthday. Thus the girl felt the great smell of money for the first time. When Gravano graduated from school her father presented her a business venture – a flower shop, which used to be really prosperous.

Now Karen Gravano tries to lead a legal lifestyle. She brings up a daughter and makes her living through acting and writing.

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