Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld Net Worth is $125 Million



$125 million


$125 million



Karl Lagerfeld net worth

Nicknames: Karl Otto Lagerfeldt, Kaiser Karl

Date of birth: the 10th of September, 1933

Profession: fashion designer, interior designer

Nationality: Germany

Source of wealth: fashion

“I am not LAGERfeld, I am LABELfeld”, Karl told once in his interview to Forbes. It seems that everything he touches turns into diamonds and emeralds. A fashion industry veteran, designer and creative director of Fendi and Chanel, interior designer and socialite Karl Lagerfeld owns an impressive net worth of $125 million.

He is in a solid age now, but remains a popular fashion designer. He creates collections for two most popular fashion brands in the world and in addition runs his own brand, Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl makes money, creating unique interior for many popular hotels like six-star hotel in Macau and residential complex in Miami. According to Forbes, he plans to open his own line of hotels and nightclubs.

The King of Fashion Industry now, Karl had quite a simple childhood. He was born in Hamburg, Germany and lived in a well-fixed family. His parents tried to develop their children’s skills, so when they noticed, that Karl cut images from fashion magazines, they sent a boy to study to Paris.

There Lagerfeld took part in fashion competition and won it together with the other genius, Yves Saint Laurent. He made his first steps in fashion industry under the supervision of a celebrated fashion designer Pierre Balmain.

Karl Lagerfeld made a break, when he was appointed as the creative director of Chanel. Now his name is associated with this brand even more, that its founder’s, immortal Coco Chanel’s.

Nobody knows the exact date of Karl’s birthday as he keeps it in secrets. He is believed to be 83 years old now. In spite of his age Karl remains one of the most productive and rich people on the planet. 

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