Kaskade Net Worth is $50 Million



$20 million


$50 million



Kaskade net worth

Nickname: Ryan Raddon

Date of birth: the 25th of February, 1971

Profession: DJ

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: electronic dance music (EDM)

Kaskade, formally known as Ryan Raddon, is included in Forbes Electronic Cash Kings list. His earnings in 2016 are estimated by Forbes as $19 million. As Kaskade used to tell himself, his earnings were a bit higher than Forbes specialists had presented. His net worth in general is estimated as $50 million.

The last year was very productive for a DJ. He performed about 125 shows in 2016. For each his performing gig the star of EDM gets approximately $100, 000. So, the part of Kaskade’s net worth comes from his live performances.

The other part of his annual salary Kaskade gets from selling of his albums. Now the DJ can boast with 10 studio albums. He was awarded with Grammy for his album “Atmosphere”, released in 2013.

And some amount of Kaskade’s earnings comes from his endorsements. He is known to endorse SOL Republic brand, the big audio manufacturer.

So, Kaskade is a well-fixed person. He managed to monetize his interest to DJing, which he demonstrated from his young years. He started to DJ in a dorm room of Brigham Young University which he attended during 2 years. Then Raddon left for Japan, where he served a mission at the church during several years. After that he came to Salt Lake City, where he continued his education and ran a local recording shop together with his friend.

Kaskade started his career of a DJ in 1995. Then he played one night a month at a local night club. His big break took place in early 2000s when he released several singles, including “Everything”, which occupied the leading position in Billboard Magazine's Hot Dance Club Play.

Now Kaskade combines his active touring with up-bringing of his three children.

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