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Kat Cole

Kat Cole Net Worth is $100 Million

How rich is Kat Cole?

Nickname: Katrina Cole

Date of birth: the 18th of March, 1978

Profession: businesswoman

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: culinary business

How Much is Kat Cole Worth?

Can a woman be a good boss? If you think, that she can’t, then you have never heard about Kat Cole. The woman with $100 million net worth has become the Vice President at the age of 26 and was appointed as CEO at 34. What did she do to become as rich as Croesus?

Kat Cole has become one of the youngest female CEOs

Kat Cole net worth comes from culinary business. She started her way on top from the lowest positions in the company “Hooters”. As for now, Hooters is a huge firm with $1 billion in revenue. It owns two chains of restaurants – in Georgia and Florida – and an airline.

But “Hooters” couldn’t boast with such strength in early 2000s, when Kat Cole was just starting to work there. The woman was one of those, who developed “Hooters” and made it popular and successful.

In 2010 Kat Cole witnessed the new career opportunity. She was invited to work for Cinnabon Inc. A year later she was appointed as the president of this company. Cinnabon is a chain of bakery stores. The best hot cinnamon buns in the world are served there.

Kat Cole company Cinnabon produced cinnamon buns

At the present moment Kat Cole main source of wealth is her work at Focus brands. It is a company, based in Georgia, which operates more than 5, 000 food venues all over USA. Kat serves as the group president there.

Kat Cole Bio and Career

The owner of multi-million net worth, Kat Cole knows what poverty is. She was born in Jacksonville, FL. The future culinary boss grew up with two sisters.

Her parents divorced, when Kat turned 9, and from that moment she was raised by a single mother. Her mom worked hard, but very often the woman and her daughters were close to starving. Kat began to earn money by her own immediately after graduation from school. At first she didn’t even had a higher education. But in 2010 the woman won the master degree in business administration at Georgia State University – she needed it to become CEO.

Kat Cole biography

At first Kat Cole worked as the shop assistant at The Body Shop. Later she was hired as a waitress to “Hooters”. Kat’s work was awesome, and soon she was sent to Australia to open the new restaurant of Hooters chain there. At the age of 26 she was appointed as Vice President at “Hooters”.

Thus Kat Cole became a successful businesswoman. In 2016 she added to her list of accolades the position of a wife. The woman tied a knot with Daley Ervin.

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