Kate Moss

Kate Moss Net Worth is $72 Million



$72 million


$80 million



Kate Moss net worth

Nickname: Katherine Ann Moss

Date of birth: the 16th of January, 1974

Profession: model

Nationality: United Kingdom

Source of wealth: modeling

Kate Moss Net Worth by Year

(estimated by Forbes)


$5 million


$8 million


$9 million


$7,6 million


$8 million


$9 million


$14 million


Do you want to know the secret of success? Then you should starve, smoke 80 cigarettes per day and never work, being sober. At least, the supermodel Kate Moss, who has a net worth of $72 million, lives by these rules.

The legend says that Kate was discovered in the airport by a model agency owner Sarah Doukas, when 14-year-old Moss was going away for school holidays with her parents.

Kate doesn’t look, like a typical supermodel, she is not very tall and her breasts are incredibly small. She is so thin, that looks exhausted and some people even call Moss anorexic.

But then, in 1990s, such an incredible slimness was very prestigious and that’s why Kate Moss became popular and rich. She modeled for Calvin Klein for $1 million per year and later her earnings increased up to $10 million in 2010 (estimated by Forbes).

Kate Moss remains popular till now, in 42 years old, although this age is considered as unacceptable for a supermodel. Kate says she hates to weight herself. She smokes and refuses from meat products. The star had kidney disease and sleeping disorder. But even health problems and unhealthy lifestyle didn’t prevent Kate from extremely high earnings. In 2016 her salary was estimated by Forbes as $7 million. She makes money due to lucrative deals with such brands as David Yurman (jewelry), Rimmel, Kerastase haircare products and some others.

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