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Kelis Net Worth

$4 million

  • Real name / birth name Kelis Rogers
  • Occupation chef, singer, songwriter, author
  • Source of Wealth music, cookbook business
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth August 21, 1979
  • Age 43
  • Zodiac sign Leo
  • Birth place Harlem, New York City, New York, United States
Sources 2018 $4 million $4 million

$4 million


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How Much is Kelis Worth?

Kelis Rogers aka Kelis is a famous American singer and chef, whose net worth is estimated at $4 million.

To earn such an amount of money, Kelis used her talent to music and hot beautiful appearance. For now she can boast with 6 studio albums. The last one, “Food”, was released in 2014. It enjoyed modest commercial success.

Probably, the most popular of Kelis albums, which brought her both, fame and cash, was her third one, titled “Tasty”. More than 1 million copies of the disk were sold in USA and UK. The album got platinum status. The album was supported by the R&B single “Milkshake” and a song “Millionaire”, which Kelis recorded in collaboration with a rapper Andre 3000.

Alongside her activity in music industry, Kelis developed her cooking skills. In 2006 she started to attend the culinary school “Le Cordon Bleu”. After that she shared her cooking experience with her fans, having released the book “My Life on a Plate”. The book is sold all over the world and brings Kelis constant income.

The music star also owns her line of sauces, named “Feast” and sells the accessories from her line, which she designed herself and named “Cake”.

Her skills of a chef Kelis demonstrated in a number of culinary shows. She featured in Gordon Ramsay “Hell’s Kitchen”, “The Chew”, “Sunday Brunch” etc. Thus she developed another powerful source of wealth.

Nowadays Kelis is a high-paid entertainer. But in her young years she had to live from hand to mouth.

Kelis Bio and Career

The future music and culinary star Kelis was born in a family of jazz musician (father) and fashion designer (mother) in New York.

When Kelis reached her kindergarten age, she started to sing in a church choir. The strong voice and sincere manner to perform impressed the listeners. Kelis mother inspired the girl to take music lessons.

In her teens Kelis Rogers shared her time between Manhattan private school, where she played musical instruments, such as saxophone and violin, and the singing at the Girl’s Choir of Harlem.

When Kelis turned 16, she earned her first salary. The incredibly hot black girl made money as a model. Her too free behaviour provoked the conflicts between the girl and her parents. That’s why she left home and from that moment Kelis became financially independent from her mother and father.

The singer’s way on top was full of obstacles. She joined her studying at La Guardia School for the Arts with modeling.

In her young years Kelis founded her own girls’ band, which hadn’t reached any success. After that she started to perform in Chad Hugo and Pharell Williams production, which made Kelis initially popular.

In 1998 the young ambitious singer signed the deal with Virgin Record company and released her first album “Kaleidoscope”, which got gold status.

Kelis met her big break in 2003, when she presented her single “Milkshake” and her third super-successful album “Tasty”.

Currently Kelis is not just a famous singer, but also a mother of a sweet son Knight Jones. She was married to Knight’s father, a rapper Nas, in 2005-2009.

The chef and singer lives in a great house. Nowadays she spends more time, appearing in cooking shows.



The high-paid entertainer Kelis has more than one place to live at. She owns a beautiful house in Glendale, CA. Not long ago she put it on sale. But the most part of her time Kelis spends in her Los Angeles apartment.

 Glendale Home

Not long ago Kelis put her Glendale home for sale. She wants to sell the picturesque house for $2, 2 million approximately.

For that amount the new owner will get the roomy residence (the house consists of 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and can boast with 3,850 sq. ft of living space.

The home is a real gem, hidden among thick bushes. Kelis tried her best to decorate the house, which she shared with her little son. By the way, huge photo of small Knight Jones decorates the wall in the living-room. The other wall is decorated with art works and a huge mirror.

In the middle of the room there is a stylish glass table. There are two sofas – a blue one and a white one – which stand around the table.

Los Angeles Apartment

Chef Kelis spends the most part of her life in LA apartment. She opened the doors of her house for her fans in the episode of the TV show “My Apartment”. The flat is decorated in grey, white and beige colors. Kelis chose eye-catching items of furniture for her LA home and put near one of the walls a hand-made silver lamp.


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