Kelly Bensimon

Kelly Bensimon Net Worth is $20 Million

How rich is Kelly Bensimon?

Nicknames: Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Date of birth: the 1st of May, 1968

Profession: model, journalist, actress, jewelry designer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: fashion, writing, television

How Much is Kelly Bensimon Worth?Kelly Bensimon net worth

Kelly Bensimon gained international popularity as the heroine of “The Real Housewives of New York City”. After that Kelly developed a huge fan base. Her fans usually ask questions about Kelly Bensimon wealth and lifestyle.

In fact, Kelly Bensimon net worth is estimated at $20 million. Some part of her wealth comes from her acting in the reality series. But she was busy just in three seasons of the show. What other source of wealth does Kelly have?

Bensimon started to make money as a model. Her beautiful face and ideally fit body made her popular. She starred in numerous reputable fashion issues, like “Harpers Bazaar”, “Cosmopolitan” and “Elle”. She appeared in “Playboy” and “Shape” magazines too.

Kelly Bensimon shape cover

But the career of a model is very often too short. Having saved the initial amount of money, Kelly continued her career as a writer. She edited “Elle Accessories” and wrote for “Hamptons and Gotham Magazines”. By the way, Bensimon got a degree in literature at Columbia University. She refreshed her writing skills and published 4 books, including “The Bikini Book”.

Kelly Bensimon was married Elle photographer Gilles Bensimon. The couple gave a birth to 2 daughters. They separated, and Kelly is rumored to get a huge paycheck from her divorce.

Currently Kelly works as a jewelry designer and created the line of stylish jewelry, which is sold through boutiques.

Kelly Bensimon jewelry

As you see, Kelly Bensimon can be sure, her net worth will only become bigger. But how did she begin?

Kelly Bensimon’s Way On Top

How did Kelly Bensimon begin?

Kelly Bensimon has always been incredibly beautiful. It helped her start career of a model at the age of 15. Soon she modeled for the most famous fashion magazines in the world.
Kelly joined her work in fashion industry with studying. She got a degree in writing and literature.

Bensimon tried her hand in various areas. Having finished modeling, she moved her way to television and starred in “The Real Housewives of New York City”. Bensimon tried her hand as a journalist and a writer.

She got married a fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon in late 1990-s. the ex-model has become a mother for the first time in 1998. Then she passed through postpartum depression.

Kelly Bensimon then-husband Gilles and their daughter

Now Kelly Bensimon lives in a great house with her teen daughters.

Kelly Bensimon Former House

Kelly Bensimon Former House

Kelly Besimon lived in a big Hampton’s house, which she recently sold for $5, 7 million. Kelly is not just a model; she is also a well educated and beautiful woman. No need to say, that she has a great taste, which she used to furnish her home. Although initially Kelly priced her house as $12 million, she agreed to sell the property for $5, 7 million.

In fact, the roomy mansion costs each dollar of that amount. It looks like a small island in paradise. The mansion has 5, 800 sq.ft. In the back yard of the estate there’s a green lawn, a big gunite pool and several chez-longs near it. Probably, there Kelly was sun-tanned to look perfect in her reality series.

Kelly Bensimon Former House

The visitor has a cozy feel, when he enters a spacious light living-room, decorated in white and red colors. Behind the white sofa you can notice a fireplace. In general there are 3 of them in the house.

In addition to the living room, the house can boast with 5 stylish bedrooms, numerous bathrooms and a wood beamed kitchen. There’s a wooden table with several chairs around it. The kitchen is well-lit due to huge wide windows. In the evenings the light to the kitchen comes through the elegant chandelier.

Kelly Bensimon Former House

The comfortable house doesn’t belong to Kelly Bensimon anymore. But she still owns an elegant car.

Kelly Bensimon Car

Kelly Bensimon Car

They say the car is the second home for any person, that’s why people with tough wallets choose spacious comfortable vehicles, which provide them for fast and save ride. Kelly Bensimon is not an exclusion, that’s why she chose black Range Rover for herself.

Kelly Bensimon Car

The star looks so stylish in her bright massive vehicle. Kelly was noticed in her car, while she was driving through Manhattan, having her day off. Even the wealthy people need some rest from money making!

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