Kevin Durant future wife and ex-girlfriends. Is he planning to marry?

Kevin Durant Future Wife and Ex-Girlfriends

When girls see Kevin Durant, they think not about his career success (the young man is considered as one of the most top-scoring basketball players in the world), but about his magnetism. Super-cute 28-year-old athlete has never been married. Who is going to become his future wife?

In fact, it is not even known, if Kevin Durant is currently dating. He was rumored to date an actress Crystal Renee. After that his name was connected with a reporter Rosalyn Gold-Onwude. Kevin Durant keeps private, when he is asked about marriage plans and about his loved one. Nevertheless he told once, that he lies about his height (adds 1 ft) to look better in the eyes of women he flirts with.

For all girls, who think that Kevin is a perfect man to spend life with, we collected the information about the women he loved. Why is he still unmarried?

Rumored Girlfriend LeToya Luckett

Kevin Durant ex-girlfriend LeToya Luckett

LeToya Luckett is a woman, who was dating Kevin Durant in 2011-2012. The famous R&B singer and ex-college of Beyonce in the band “Destiny’s Child”, LeToya and Kevin had several public dates. They were caught by paparazzi during their dinner in Las Vegas. Later LeToya, who is 6 years older than Kevin, denied the rumors and told, the dinner was friendly and their communication was absolutely platonic.

Ex-Fiancée Monica Wright

Monica Wright and her ex-fiance Kevin Durant

Although Kevin’s name was connected with LeToya for a while, his close friends said, he had been in love with one and the same woman since McDonald's High School All-American Game. Monica Wright is nicknamed in press as Basketball Princess. They fit each other perfectly. She was the stellar player of WNBA's Minnesota Lynx and he played for Oklahoma City Thunder.

The rumors about their affair appeared in 2011 for the first time. Then Kevin tweeted, that he thought about dating of a basketball girl.

The couple got engaged in July, 2013. Kevin popped up the question on the Independence Day eve. Monica said “Yes!” and the couple shared their news with their fans.

But in July, 2014 two young people split. What was the reason? Both kept silent about it, but it was rumored, they split because of different religious views.

So, hottie Durant is not going to marry in the nearest future. Fan-girls, you still have a chance!

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