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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Net Worth is $120 Million



$128 million


$120 million


$120 million


$79 million

Kevin Hart net worth

Nicknames: Kevin D. Hart, Lil Kev

Date of birth: the 6th of July, 1979

Profession: actor, comic

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: comedy

Kevin Hart Net Worth by Year

(Estimated by Moneynation)


$971, 000


$10 million


$38 million


$64 million


$79 million

 Kevin Hart is called as Cash King of Comedy. His earnings in 2016 are estimated by Forbes as $87, 5 million. He gathered that amount due to high income he got from his movies. In 2016 Hart participated in “Ride Along 2” and “Central Intelligence” movies and voiced Snowball in an animation film “The Secret Life of Pets”. The other part of his incredible wealth came from his touring. During the previous year Kevin Hart performed 100 live standup shows. Each show brought him $1 million income (according to Forbes).

Kevin Hart is the person, who can make people laugh. He discovered that talent in his early years, when he tried to cheer his mom and brother Robert up, when they both suffered from Hart’s father, who was drug addicted.

When Kevin graduated from high school he moved to New York to realize his dream and become a famous comedian. He performed in various night clubs, but his earnings were miserable. That’s why he did various odd jobs like selling shoes and others to earn his living.

His persistence was awarded soon. Kevin Hart was propelled to stardom after he had appeared in Comedy Central TV show.

Now the star, which has an undersized stature, is considered as a real giant of comedy. He has already appeared in more than 40 comedy films and in numerous TV shows.

In 2010s, when his name was becoming more and more popular, he managed to sign two lucrative endorsement deals with the reputable brands Ford and Nike. No need to say, that it plumped his net worth.

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