How Much is Kevin Smith Worth?

Famous American film director and comedian Kevin Smith has amassed a net worth of over $25 million. His remarkable career in the filmmaking industry, his authorship of various comic books and screenplays allows him to obtain such a great wealth. He is best known to the audience as a director of the Clerks (1994) film in which he also appeared as an actor.

The time when Kevin had decided to become a part of the entertainment world was right after Richard Linklater’s comedy Slacker that impressed and subsequently influenced him immensely. He then had entered the Vancouver Film School but was not able to stay there for a long time. Later, the boy chose to be a regular worker in the local convenience store that pursued him to make his breakthrough Clerks movie.

The picture received positive feedback from both viewers and film critics and paid for itself, giving Kevin $ 3 million in revenue. As for 1995, he managed to highlight his another profitable opus on large screens called Mallrats. Two years later, Smith had released a new film Chasing Amy that became the Golden Globe winner in 1998. The actors working with him are Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, and others.

Kevin himself was shot in almost all his films. Since 1998, Smith has been running his own annual Vulgarthon Film Festival in his hometown of Red Bank. He is one of the best independent and charismatic directors due to his extraordinary directing skills that he has proven in all his movies. He is recognized globally because of his talented and hard-work.