Kevin Trudeau biography
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Kevin Trudeau Net Worth

$40 million

  • Real name / birth name Kevin Mark Trudeau
  • Occupation author, salesman, and pool enthusiast, known for his fraudulent promotion of his books and consequent legal cases
  • Source of Wealth books, infomercials
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth December 5, 2018
  • Age 4
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Lynn, Massachusetts, United States
Sources 2018 $40 million $38 million

$40 million


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How Much is Kevin Trudeau Worth?

The exact amount of Kevin Trudeau net worth is not known. In his better times his wealth was close to $37 million, but after his legal problems he filed for bankruptcy. His fortune is believed to be close to $10 million now. How did Kevin earn such a wealth?

They say, to succeed, you should be born with some talent and ability to make profit from it. It is hard to tell, whether Kevin Trudeau has had any talent. But no doubt, his ability to make profit was really prominent.

Trudeau grew up in a middle-class family. But he accumulated multi-million wealth. He reached the new level of earnings in late 1990s, when he created a number of radio and TV infomercials. He produced the series of programs, which were on air late at night, where he offered his clients to buy various kinds of “magic remedies”, like supplements, which could help reduce the body weight without any efforts from patient’s side, baldness treatments etc.

Probably, each his fan knew deep in his soul, that all Kevin’s sweet promises were fake, but Trudeau’s talent to motivate people made a miracle. Soon his commercial shows developed enormous fan base, and Kevin’s products were bought with meteoric speed.

His net worth increased rapidly, but soon Trudeau met the first obstacle on his way on top. In 1998 he was considered as the fraudster and was fined for $500, 000. It turned out that the wide selection of miraculous medications couldn’t improve the memory, cure from drug addiction and help to get rich.

Even after the legal problems Kevin Trudeau couldn’t refuse from his source of wealth, which was not so honest, but brought him huge piles of easy money. He didn’t pay the fine and instead released a number of books, such as “Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About” – a medical guide, which was supposed to help Kevin readers to cure from complicated diseases fast and cheap.

In 2004 Trudeau was prosecuted again and fined for $37 million. Finally, in 2013 he was imprisoned for 10 years. Even being in prison, the scandalous author Kevin Trudeau continues to motivate his fans (and make cash).

Kevin Trudeau Bio and Career

The story of Kevin Trudeau rise and fall is worth to serve as the plot for a movie. He was not rich in his early years. Kevin was born in Lynn, Massachusetts and attended St. Mary’s High School. He was a brilliant pupil, and his classmates considered him as the person, who would obviously succeed.

Trudeau earned his first salary as a car salesman. But earning his living through doing a number of low-paid boring operations was not the thing he had been looking for. In early 1990s Kevin broke the law for the first time.  He was accused to alternate the values of checks and get $80, 000 profits from it. He was imprisoned for two years, but in 1993 Trudeau came back to get even more cash and then even more jail time.

Now, when Kevin is in prison, his fans still support him. The legions of people think that his punishment was too severe as numerous other criminals, who had been really cruel, got much easier verdict.


When Kevin Trudeau career was in its peak phase, he lived in a luxurious mansion, which looked like a palace. The two-story home was situated in Chicago. It was built of red and white brick. It looked like a medieval fortress, covered with hard slope roof, made of dark grey tiles.

But since 2014 Kevin Trudeau house is FPC (Federal Prison Camp) Montgomery. You can be sure, this place looks more luxurious, that rooms of some low-paid workers. The building of the prison looks neat and cozy. It has minimum of security facilities, but can boast with manicured lawns, golf course and greenhouses.

The fraud Kevin Trudeau lives in a room, which he considers as “uncomfortable”. The best-selling author tells that he has met several other “famous” criminals here, which are “great guys”. He spends his jail time with Jesse Jackson Jr, a congressman, Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling and others, who fall down from the highest arc of their success.


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