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Kim Basinger Net Worth

  • Real name / birth name Kimila Ann Basinger
  • Occupation actress, model
  • Source of Wealth modeling, movies, endorsements
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth December 8, 1953
  • Age 69
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Athens, Georgia, United States
Sources 2017 2018 2019 $40 million $36 million $40 million

How Much is Kim Basinger Worth?

Kim Basinger is not just a beautiful blonde with alluring blue eyes, but also a wealthy woman, who owns $36 million net worth. Many people worldwide envy her incredibly successful fate. After all, this woman started from scratch and earned her multi-million dollar fortune, working hard from morning till night and making right decisions. But Kim herself has repeated in her interviews that she has nothing in common with her screen image of a tender stupid blonde in real life. On the contrary, the actress calls herself “an incredibly unfeminine person”.  Most of her money Basinger earned as an actress. Look at her salary for some of her movies!

Kim Basinger Salary from Movies by Year (estimated by TheRichest):

1997 (for the role in “L.A. Confidential”) $3 million
2000 (for the role in “I Dreamed of Africa”) $5 million

In addition Kim earned enough as a model. She endorsed several popular brands like Pepsi, Merrill Lynch bank etc. What did Kim do to become one of the highest-paid actresses in 90-s?

Kim Basinger’s Way On Top

Kim was familiar with show business since her childhood. Her father earned his living as a jazz musician, and her mother was a dancer and model. It is hard to tell, whether small Basinger dreamed to become an actress. She was a withdrawn child and her parents even took her to a psychiatrist to test her mental health. But everything has changed, when the girl turned 16. She became incredibly beautiful, and even occupied the first place at the Athens Junior Miss Contest. She moved to New York after graduation in order to become a model.Tall and slim hottie was noticed immediately and signed with the Ford Modeling Agency. Basinger earned some part of her wealth due to numerous appearances on fashion magazines’ covers.

She posed nude for Playboy and her hot look was eagerly accepted with the public. After that Kim left modeling in order to become an actress. The young women visited numerous auditions, but still couldn’t get the role. Finally she was cast in the series “McMillan & Wife”. Kim Basinger’s play was valued high by critics. Her salary popped up like crazy. She earned $125, 000 for her play in “Hard Country”. Two years later she portrayed the Bond girl in “Never Say Never Again” for $250, 000. Several years later she got $1 million for “No Mercy”. Finally, her salary for “Batman” was $3 million.

The blonde had been enjoying her high earnings till 1993. That year Kim lost everything. She filed for bankruptcy.

Kim Basinger Bio and Career

Kim Basinger signed the deal with Main Line Pictures to play in their movie “Boxing Helena”. The actress read the script and was shocked at first, because it was about a woman, who lost her arms and legs in a car crash. The actress agreed to participate in the movie, but then changed her mind. Her then-agent Guy McElwaine consulted the third party’s opinion, and decided that the movie had no chance to succeed but “rotten tomatoes” would be thrown to Kim.

The company started the court trial against an actress and at first she was obliged to pay about $11 million of indemnification. The star’s net worth was estimated as $5 million by Kim’s attorneys then. So her paying was shortened to $2 million. Kim was frustrated because of court trial. But her net worth increased again in 1997, when she was awarded with an Oscar.

So, Kim’s financial situation hasn’t always been stable. But she found enough money to buy luxurious things for herself.


After all her movie roles and photoshoots, Kim Basinger needs the rest. She relaxes in her comfortable house in Woodlands Hills, California. The exact price of her property is not known, but it may be about $2 million. Kim’s house is not big, but very cozy. It is made of white stone. The building is surrounded by high decorative trees.

The star Kim Basinger owns several vehicles. Very often she is caught, driving Range Rover (the photo above). But one of her favorites is black Mini Cooper. The car is produced by British Motor Corporation. The first mini cooper was designed in late 50-s by the famous car designer Alec Issigonis. He earned Dewar Trophy award for the vehicle. Mini cooper is supposed for a person of 180 cm of height maximum as its saloon is quite small. But miniature Kim likes her car!

Kim Basinger is a wealthy person, and now she is keeping earning. The actress signed the deal with IMG Models at the age of 60. Besides she has appeared in “Fifty Shades Darker” earlier this year.


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