Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis net worth is $60 million



$60 million


$60 million



Kristin Davis net worth

Nicknames: Kristin Landen Davis, Kristin Lee Davis

Date of birth: the 24th of February, 1965

Profession: actress

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television

Ideal body, godlike face and extremely good manners – these things we like about Kristin Davis most of all. She gained international love and popularity as a talented television actress and managed to save $60 million net worth to her still young (we believe it!) age.

Kristin Davis was born is a family of Dorothy and Tom Atkinson, but soon her parents filed for divorce and the girl was brought up by her stepfather, Keith Davis. He served as a psychologist and was teaching at the University of South Carolina. A beauty Kristin got excellent up-bringing and that helped her later to portray Charlotte in the cult series “Sex and the City”. As Kristin told, Charlotte York resembled her own in her young years.

Kristin liked acting and after graduating from school, she studied drama at Rutgers University.

The future star started to earn her living, participating in commercials and only later she got the role on TV. The girl portrayed Nurse Betsy Chilson in the series “General Hospital”. Her talent was noticed and soon Davis appeared in a number of other television projects, when finally she met her big break.

Kristin Davis got the role of intriguante Brooke Armstrong and soon managed to become the current character in the series "Melrose Place". She was so natural in her play, that spectators started hating Brooke. That’s why producers decided to “kill” Kristin’s heroine.

Kristin Davis earnings made a huge spring after her work in the most stylish and smartest series “Sex and the City”. Later she portrayed Charlotte York in both parts of the film “Sex and the City”. According to Therichest, for her play in the film she got $2 million salary.

Now Kristin Davis is not so active in her acting career. But she is an active public figure. The star protects animals and works for David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. She is also an active member of Oxfarm, the organization, which struggles with global poverty. 

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