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Kurt Russell Net Worth

$70 million

  • Real name / birth name Kurt Vogel Russell
  • Occupation actor, producer, screenwriter
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
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How Much is Kurt Russell Worth?

His way – on the big screen and in the real life – seems to be a fairytale. He rose to fame in early 1970s, when signed ten-year deal with The Walt Disney Company. Then cute boy immediately got the status of a rising star – his open face, big eyes and masculine stature caught hearts of numerous female fans all over the world.

But personal magnetism is not the only one reason, which helped Kurt Russell save $70 million net worth. The main reason is his natural acting talent.

Even in his young years Russell was a very attentive actor, who could understand his heroes and later depict them on the screen, demonstrating each feature and emotion. That’s why till now his heroes – simple but romantic locksmith Dean Proffitt from “Overboard”, a decent hooligan Snake Plissken, who easily rescued this rotting world; as well as an ordinary guy Jeff Taylor, who fought for his beloved wife – looked so sincere and natural.

It seems that each time, when Russell appeared in the film, it had inevitably become a box office hit. Of course, Kurt Russell worked with a team of great actors – such as Peter Fonda, Pam Grier, Kathleen Quinlan, Steven Seagal, Halle Berry and many others. Nevertheless his charming smile was not the last argument for girls from 13 to 80 get a ticket and visit a movie theater in order to watch the new film with the actor.

Kurt Russell salary has been increasing from year to year.

Kurt Russell Salary for Some of his Movies:

“Stargate” in 1994 $7 million
“Executive Decision” in 1996 $7, 5 million
“Escape from L.A.” in 1996 $10 million
“Soldier” in 1998 $15 million
“Vanilla Sky” $5 million

His career peak was in 1980-s and 1990s, but even now Kurt appears in hit projects every single year. He spends the free time with his “girlfriend of many years” the actress Goldie Hawn and their four children – Boston Russell, Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson and Wyatt Russell.

From time to time the actor recollects in his mind his early years.

Kurt Russell Bio and Career

Probably, hot Kurt Russell was born to become a winner. He was born in Springfield, MA in the family of a professional dancer Louise Julia Crone and a baseball player-turned-actor Bing Russell. Kurt’s father took the boy to a film set regularly, and there he was noticed by TV producers.

Thus Kurt Russell started to act in the episodes of popular TV series. Although his roles were small, he trained acting skills and earned some cash for his parents.

In early 1970s Russell shared his time between acting and baseball playing, but a sudden trauma put his career in sports to an end. So, he concentrated his efforts on acting.

Kurt Russell rose to stardom with the roles in such movies, as “Elvis”, “3000 Miles to Graceland” (where his stage partners were Kevin Costner and Courteney Cox), the series “Gilligan’s Island” etc.

The actor has been cohabiting with a movie star Goldie Hawn for more than 30 years already, but the couple is not married officially. They own several luxurious properties to reside.


Kurt Russell and the main woman of his life Goldie used to live in a ranch-style house in Pacific Palisades, CA. They spent in a luxurious residence 12 happy years, but in February, 2017 sold it for $6, 7 million.

Of course, the star of Kurt Russell level owns more than one house. In addition to California home, the couple Russell-Hawn has a luxurious apartment in New York. The roomy flat is decorated in an Indian style. There are lots of flowers in each room of the apartment. The residence can boast with huge incredibly tall windows. Thus Kurt has enough time to admire Manhatten views just staying in a cozy armchair.

As for the cars, Kurt Russell has never established himself as the car lover. But he is for sure the fan of Audi. The movie star has been noticed at the black Audi wheel numerous times.


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