Lady Diana

Lady Diana Net Worth was $55 Million



$55 million


$40 million



Princess Diana net worth

Nicknames: Princess Diana; Diana, Princess of Wales; Diana Spencer, Lady Di, Diana Frances Spencer

Date of birth: the 1st of July, 1961

Date of death: the 31st of August, 1997

Profession: Crown Princess, socialite

Nationality: United Kingdom

Source of wealth: royalty

There are people, who have to work hard during their whole life to save something for their children and grandchildren. But the others, like Lady Diana Spencer, have already been born rich.

Princess Diana, whose net worth was estimated as $55 million at the moment of her death (or a little less according to the other source) grew up in a noble and rich family. She increased her money, when got married Prince Charles. They got divorced in 1996 and it made Lady Di several million richer. In 1997 Princess Diana tragically died in a car accident. According to her will, her money and personal property mostly was inherited by her sons, William and Harry. Some part of her net worth Lady Di bequeathed to her godsons.

When Prince Charles proposed to young Diana Spenser, he gave her an incredibly expensive engagement ring. It was estimated as £28,000 then, but now jewelers count its cost as £300, 000. The ring was inherited by Diana’s son, Prince William, and he gave it to his now-wife Kate Middleton, when he proposed her.

Princess Diana used to be an incredibly charismatic woman. She was considered as the most favorable member of Royal family. Being not just noble, but very beautiful too, Princess Diana had a big heart. She was eager to spend her money for charity and was involved into more than 100 charity organizations. Mostly she helped to people, who suffered from AIDs.

Till now Lady Di remains the role-model for many women all over the world.  

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