Laura Govan biography
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Laura Govan Net Worth

$10 million

  • Real name / birth name Laura Govan
  • Occupation reality TV actress
  • Source of Wealth Television
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth September 21, 1979
  • Age 43
  • Zodiac sign Virgo
  • Birth place Oakland, California, United States
Sources 2018 $400 thousand $10 million

$10 million


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0 Bitcoin

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How Much is Laura Govan Worth?

In fact, Laura Govan net worth is not easy to calculate. Some sources estimate her wealth at $10 million, while the others suppose that she is worth just $400, 000.

To our opinion, Laura Govan is the happy owner of multi-million net worth. She made her wealth through her activity of a reality TV actress and through getting a divorce payment from her ex-husband Gilbert Arenas, a famous basketball player.

Laura Govan dreamed to make career of a basketball player, but then got married and gave a birth to 4 kids. During many years Laura was a wife and a mother and only in 2011 she finally decided to start her career again. She was cast in the reality TV series “Basketball Wives: LA”, where she participated during first 4 seasons.

How Much is Laura Govan Worth

photo instagram / lauramgovan

The reality TV series aired on VH1 and were created by Shaunie O’Neal, the ex-wife of a famous basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. The series tell about the women, who were romantically linked to basketball players.

The series has already been shot during 6 seasons. Laura Govan was the main cast during first two seasons and made guest appearances during the last season. She got the salary from the series, and it served as a great source of her income.

In addition, Laura got divorce money from her husband. In fact, Laura and Gilbert Arenas have never been married officially. But they lived together and gave birth to 2 daughters and 2 sons. Gilbert proposed Laura and gave her $1 million wedding ring, which later served as the reason of their conflict.  Laura accused Gilbert in selling her ring after their quarrel.

In any case, the couple separated, and Laura is rumored to get some piece of Gilbert Arenas net worth, which is close to $200 million.

Laura Govan Bio and Career

Laura Govan Bio and Career

photo instagram / lauramgovan

Laura Govan was born in 1979 in Oakland, CA. At the age of 7 she has faced her first tragedy. The girl was hit by a car, driven by a man under influence. The girl was hospitalized and passed through a long period of rehabilitation.

She has always been much taller than her peers (Laura Govan height is close to 6 ft 3). Since her teens Laura played for school basketball team. She also practiced football and other kinds of sports.

After school Laura Govan entered the New Mexico State University, where she studied Sports Psychology and majored in International Business. She graduated with Bachelor Degree.

After graduation Laura moved to LA, where she served as the PR manager of a basketball team Lakers. She also managed career of a basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. Through Shaq she met the main man of her life and father of her kids Gilbert Arenas. They started dating and moved together.

Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan relationship were full of conflicts, infidelity and scandals. In 2011 Laura got an invitation from Shaquille O’Neal wife Shaunie to act in the reality series “Basketball Wives: LA”. The project made Laura Govan popular.

She separated from her famous fiancé in 2015. After that Gilbert put the house, which he shared with Laura and their kids on sale.


When love is over, the love nest becomes a burden. That’s why Gilbert Arenas decided to sell the house, where he resided with his wife Laura Govan.

The mansion is situated in California. The ranch-style residence consists of two storeys. Its walls are of white color and the door is decorated with an arc.

Laura Govan house (former) inside looks as good as outside. It consists of 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

The building is secluded among tall threes and thick bushes. The yard around the house looks really big and well-cared.

Laura’s ex-partner Gilbert asked $3, 5 million for the estate.


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