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Lea Michele

Lea Michele Net Worth is $12 Million

How rich is Lea Michele?

Nickname: Lea Michele Sarfati

Date of birth: the 29th of April, 1986

Profession: actress, singer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, music

How Much is Lea Michele Worth?

After the tragic death of her boyfriend and colleague Cory Monteith in 2013, Lea Michele threw herself to work. She participated in numerous movies and TV shows, released two albums and featured in ads for various reputable brands. “I know, Cory is watching, what I am doing”, the actress said in her interview to “Teen Vogue”. These activities brought Lea Michele $12 million net worth. That’s a huge amount for 31-year-old girl. Let’s see, how she has earned it!

Lea Michele is a famous actress and singer

Lea Michele started to accumulate her net worth at a tender age of 8. Then the primary school pupil was cast as Cosette to the musical “Les Misérables”. At the age of 10 Lea has cemented her position of a child star, having appeared in a Broadway production “Ragtime”.

After a number of stage roles Lea’ face has become familiar to critics. She gained a reputation of a rising star. That opened her door to television. Lea Michele won the role of Sammi in the series “Third Watch”. Her big break took place in 2009, when the actress won a role in “Glee”.

Lea Michele and Chris Colfer in Glee

The series has become popular, and it revived Lea’s career. In “Glee” she has not just acted, but also danced and performed songs. In one of Glee episodes Lea Michele demonstrated the new version of Britney Spears song “Oops, I Did it Again!” Most of viewers liked Lea’s work!

When “Glee” has become popular, Lea’s salary reached $40, 000 per episode. In 2015 the series were closed, but Lea continued career of an actress, having appeared in “Scream Queens”, “The Mayor”, “Bollywood Superstar Monkey” etc.

Alongside career of an actress, Lea Michele developed her activity of a musician. She has already presented two studio albums – “Louder” and “Places”. Lea Michele sold more than 120, 000 copies of her albums in USA.

Lea Michele has already released 2 studio albums

Although Lea Michele has a lot of work on TV and at concert venues, she still finds time for endorsements. The young actress has featured in L’Oreal, Nike and Dove ads. That was awarded with a fat paycheck.

Thus, Lea Michele saved her wealth. But how did that all start?

Lea Michele Bio

Lea Michele small

 Lea Michele Sarfati was born in Bronx, New York. She grew up in a wealthy family of a delicatessen shop owner (father) and a nurse (mother). Lea is the only child in the family.

The girl attended Rockland Country Day School and then transferred to Tenafly High School. She joined her studying with attended acting classes. Since her earliest years Lea Michele dreamed to become an actress.

She was trained professionally at Tisch School of the Arts. At first Lea debuted in Broadway productions and then won the role of Rachel in “Glee”.

Lea Michele fiance Zandy Reich

Lea Michele is not married. She used to date Glee co-star, Canadian actor Cory Monteith, who died from a drug mixture at the age of 31. Lea used to say, that Cory remains her inspiration in work.

Currently Lea Michele is engaged to a fashion trade mark exec Zandy Reich. She resides in a stunning mansion in LA.

Lea Michele House

Lea Michele house

The actress Lea Michele spent a lot of time in Hollywood because of her work. She has always rented an apartment, but one day she felt that she needed a place to recharge her batteries – her own house.

Lea bought a luxurious mansion in Brentwood (not far from LA) in 2015. She paid $2, 9 million for it.

The residence boasts with 4 bedrooms, several bathrooms, an open living-room, a kitchen and a dining-room. There’s a swimming-pool and a pond in the yard of Lea’s estate.

Lea Michele Car

Lea Michele car

The young star with a slim well-fit body and crystal voice has chosen a massive Range Rover. Probably, that vehicle seems too masculine for girly Lea Michele. But she likes her four-wheeled monster and very often is caught behind its wheel.

The black car looks very strong and reliable. And Lea didn’t hesitate and paid $80, 000 to get it into her garage. Not too expensive for a star, isn’t it?

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