LeBron James Kids and LeBron James wife Savannah Brinson: “The balance that I create in our house is for his success”

LeBron James wife Savannah Brinson

There are people, who must struggle for their better tomorrow, but James LeBron seems to be among those ones, who do everything at ease. As for now, he is ranked as the most talented basketball player of all times, who can boast with four Most Valuable Player titles, with winning three championships and with appearances at 13 All-Star events.

The NBA star LeBron James

No doubt, LeBron professional achievements can impress everyone. But what can impress him? The answer is simple – it’s his family. When the spotlight stops shining in his directions, James leaves the field and goes home, where he turns into a loving husband and attentive dad. We will speak about LeBron James kids a little later. And now let’s speak about LeBron James wife.

Who Is LeBron James Wife?

Who is LeBron James wife Savannah Brinson?

Savannah Brinson is a young beautiful woman, who has just passed her 30th age mark. She achieved a lot to that age – has become a wife of a talented famous person and mothered three kids with him. In addition, she is a successful business woman and interior designer.

LeBron James with his wife Savannah Brinson

Everyone knows that each athlete of James LeBron level has enough pressure during the game season. That’s why it’s especially important for him to have a relaxed ambience at home. Savannah Brinson understands it and does her best to support her husband after his play. “The balance that I create in our house is for his success”, she tells. Now she has everything a woman can dream about – a successful husband, three great kids and – yeah, it’s important too – a multi-zero bank account. But who is she? And what did she start from?

LeBron James and Savannah Brinson

In fact, in her young years born Savannah Racheal Brinson had no idea, that one day she would become a very rich woman and a celebrity. But, probably, she didn’t need it, because she felt happy without her millions.

Savannah was born on the 27th of August, 1986 in Akron, Ohio. Her parents JK and Jennifer worked very hard to provide for their 5 kids (Savannah was the youngest child in the family). In spite of low-income life style, Savannah was a happy and active girl. She was a brilliant pupil at Buchtel High School in her hometown and in addition was a cheerleader. The girl had a very busy schedule – she visited lessons in the morning, then played softball and practiced other after-classes activities. She had no extra minute in her tough schedule, but even the lack of time didn’t prevent Savannah from dating. Savannah met LeBron James at the age of 16.

Savannah Brinson early years

LeBron James and Savannah Brinson Love Story

Very often celebrities forget about their school sweethearts and look for the partner among the people of their stature. But LeBron James turned to be not just a talented NBA player, but also a man with a big heart, a faithful and romantic person, who loved one and the same woman through years.

Savannah Brinson and LeBron James love story

LeBron James and Savannah Brinson love story is not less romantic than famous “The Notebook” of Nicholas Sparks.

LeBron and Savannah grew up in the same street. They attended neighboring schools, which very often competed with one another. They met at a tender age of 16, and as Savannah opened up while being interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar, that it was James, who noticed her and chose her, not she chose him.

Savannah Brinson and LeBron James started dating at a high school

Even then, in his 18, LeBron had already become a stellar athlete in his school. He played both, football and basketball. But Savannah didn’t know about James status of a local celebrity. She met him during a football match, arranged by their schools. LeBron approached the cute girl and asked her to come to a basketball game with him. Thus, LeBron wanted to demonstrate his sports skills to the girl he liked. Savannah agreed, and while she was watching the strong teenager on the field, she understood, that he was unordinary talented in this area.

Savannah Brinson and LeBron James welcomed the first son during the last year at a high school

After the game James invited Savannah to Outback Steakhouse. They had a great dinner, and the girl asked to pack leftovers for her. She forgot them in James car, and he was so kind to bring the pack to Savannah house the next day. She looked at him and understood that he liked her and was just looking for an opportunity to meet her again.

They started dating, and soon Savannah felt, that she was pregnant with her first kid. The girl was 18 years old then.

LeBron James Wife Savannah Brinson Career

Savannah James (Brinson) is a wife of a very rich man. Of course, she doesn’t need to care about money and can stay at home and enjoy the calm days without working at all. But the former cheerleader can’t stay restless.

Savannah Brinson career

Savannah served as an interior designer. In 2010 she was signed by American Signature Company to create the line of children furniture. Savannah did the job wholeheartedly and didn’t regret her efforts to make really comfortable things for kids – beds, desks, wardrobes etc. “I love each piece of my furniture, as I put a part of my heart in each of it”, she said.

In 2013 Savannah tried her hand as a business woman. She opened “The Juice Spot” – the club, where healthy food and drinks were served. She had to close it in 2014, when her family had to move to Cleveland.

Savannah Brinson is an interior designer

Nowadays Savannah Brinson devotes her free time to create a friendly and cozy ambience in her house to make her husband and kids comfortable. But what do we know about Savannah Brinson and LeBron James kids?

LeBron James Kids

Kids are our future, that’s why all of us like them. Celebs turn into ordinary loving parents, when they speak about their kids. LeBron James is successful in his fatherhood too. He welcomed three cute talented kids with his wife Savannah Brinson.

Lebron James eldest son LeBron James Jr.

LeBron James Jr. was born on October 6, 2004. His parents hadn’t been married at that time. The boy lives with his parents and siblings at Cleveland, Ohio. LeBron Jr. is a high school student. He is nicknamed “Bronny” by his family members. In his free time the boy plays basketball. He participated in an Amateur Athletic Union competition, and impressed the audience with his athletic skills. Young LeBron has a chance to follow his father’s route and even to break his records. “My son can play against me one day”, James Sr. said jokingly.

LeBron James sons LeBron James Jr. and Bryce Maximus James

Savannah James gave her husband the second son on June 14, 2007. Bryce Maximus James is now 10, and he is also a big sports enthusiast, just like his father and mother. Bryce is still a kid, that’s why he spends the most part of his time studying. In his free time the boy likes to play with his parents and siblings.

LeBron James daughter Bryce

Zhuri James is the youngest kid and the only daughter of LeBron James and his wife Savannah. She was born on October 22, 2014. The sweet girl is the only child of a sports star, who was born after his wedding to Savannah. The girl is just 3 now, but she has already posed with her dad in front of the cameras. The cute kid is the best father’s joy and pride.

LeBron James Wedding

LeBron James and Savannah Bryson wedded in 2013

To get married is a serious decision in life of any person. But it’s even more important for a celebrity to choose the right partner, because in case of a divorce the famous person can lose both, money and reputation. LeBron James was very cautious and careful, that’s why he didn’t propose to Savannah for long 9 years. But on New Year’s Eve at the end of 2011 James proposed to the main woman in his life, to his best support and mother of his kids. He gave his loved one a beautiful engagement ring. It cost LeBron astonishing $300, 000.

Savannah Bryson James engagement ring

They wedded in September, 2013 and from that moment these two people got even closer.

Currently Savannah James shares her time between her husband and kids and a great charity work. The woman, who turned to be so lucky, doesn’t forget about the others, who have to struggle for their better future.

Savannah Bryson James with her husband LeBron James

She serves as LeBron James Family Foundation vice president. The organization, founded by her husband, supports a number of schools and other venues in Akron and Miami.

Like a real woman, Savannah cares about women rights too. She created the female organization “I Promise” in 2013. Savannah James tries her best to help girls from her hometown to pass their teen years successfully and get necessary support and education.

Savannah Bryson James as LeBron James wife

Savannah James is a role model for many people all over the world. She is so proud of her husband. And her husband – a stellar NBA player LeBron James – is absolutely in love with her!


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