How Much is Leif Garrett Worth?

Leif Garrett is a musician and actor whose net worth currently is about $1 thousand. Being a son of a screenwriter and due to his remarkable acting skills, he was able to take part in films for a very young age. One of the first his distinguished works was the picture Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969), where he played at the age of eight.

Among other roles of that time were portrayals of Gabriel Dobbs in a TV Series Cade’s County in 1971, Mike Pusser character in a movie Walking Tall (1973) and Zack Russell in ABC’ TV series called Family (1978-1979). In 1975, he was hired to star in the television series Three for the Road, where he played his most recognizable role.

Going beyond and above, he decided to shift his attention to the music industry and made a deal with Atlantic Records. In 1977, Leif presented his first eponymously titled music opus. However, the greatest success came to him only a year after with the song I Was Made For Dancing, which was ranked high in all charts. As of 1983, he again returned to the acting and took part in the remarkable film The Outsiders by Francis Ford Coppola. In the following years, he was not able to record any greater success as an actor or as a musician.

In 1999, he again caught the attention of the media with an episode of Behind the Music by American broadcaster VH1. In 2008, he made his second comeback with one of the episodes of Biography television docudrama. He also appeared in World’s Dumbest television series (2008-2013).