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Lennox Lewis

Lennox Lewis Net Worth is $140 Million



$140 million


$140 million



Lennox Lewis net worth

Nickname: Lennox Claudius Lewis

Date of birth: the 2nd of September, 1965

Profession: boxer

Nationality: United Kingdom, Canada

Source of wealth: box

Lennox Lewis is a British-Canadian retired boxer, who has a net worth of $140 million. Lennox earned his huge wealth from his ring bouts. Now he makes money from business.

Lennox Lewis has made a wonderful career and now can be proud of numerous titles he has received. He had become World Heavyweight Champion 6 times, earned both Olympic gold and Olympic silver medals. Lennox was named BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1999.

Each new award or title caused a great growth of Lennox Lewis salary. On his career peak he earned $30 million per a single fight. In 2002 he received that salary for his fight against Mike Tyson.

Now it is hard to believe, but Lewis decided to take boxing lessons because he was bullied at school. He was born in United Kingdom, but moved to Canada with his mother, who separated from his father. Lewis, who was a newcomer at school, was badgered for his look and accent. But Lennox soon fought back, after visiting several box workouts.

Lennox Lewis was incredibly talented as a boxer and soon he started to participate in amateur box matches. In 1984 Lennox took part in Olympic Games, held in Los Angeles, where he presented Canada. He was just 18 years old then. His rivals were much older and more experienced than he was. But Lewis tried his best and reached quarterfinal match. Although he didn’t win the medal then, he had become incredibly popular in Canada. He remained an amateur box player till 1988, when he won Olympic gold medal as a boxer from Canada.

After that Lewis moved to United Kingdom and started professional career of a boxer. Till now he is considered as one of the most successful boxers in the sports history with 41 wins from 44 appearances on the ring. Lewis announced about the end of his career in box in 2005. His last fight was against Vitali Klitschko, whom he defeated.

Now Lennox Lewis is not involved into boxing, but is still involved into moneymaking. He has a chain of sports clubs and likes to invest his money to real estate.

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