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Lil Pump Net Worth

$8 million

  • Real name / birth name Gazzy Garcia
  • Occupation raper
  • Source of Wealth music
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth August 17, 2000
  • Age 22
  • Zodiac sign Leo
  • Birth place Miami, Florida, United States
Sources 2018 $8 million $7 million $8 million

$8 million


0 kg. gold


0 Bitcoin

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How Much is Lil Pump Worth?

As you now, rappers are incredibly rich celebrities, who make millions faster, than others. We know, that such rappers as Wiz Khalifa, Queen Latifah, Drake etc. have accumulated wealth of $55 million and more. Of course, Lil Pump earnings can’t be compared with the wealth of his more famous colleagues, but he is still a teenager and has made a really rapid start in the industry. So probably, very soon Lil Pump will enter multi-millionaire rappers club.

Currently Lil Pump is worth $4 million. How did he earn that wealth? In fact, Lil Pump is one of those lucky people, who are not interested in money. He has told numerous times, that he doesn’t care about his wealth. But he is really interested in music.

Lil Pump started his career from Soundcloud platform

Lil Pump rose to fame after registration at Soundcloud music platform, where he uploaded his self-made recordings. Very soon the teen rapper developed a huge fan base. Thus, the agents of popular labels soon started to hunter him. Lil Pump was a desirable young star to sign up. He made a deal with Tha Lights Global (Warner Brothers affiliate company), which looked really worthy for a teenager. In March, 2018 he was re-signed again, and this time the provisions of the contract were even more comfortable. It was publicized, that Lil Pump new contract is worth incredibly $8 million. According to that deal, the young rapper got $9, 000 monthly every year during the first year (2018), then $12, 000 monthly during the second year and $15, 000 during the third year. Thus, the musician is guaranteed to get a solid salary every month.

Lil Pump, who is preparing the new album “Harvard Dropout”, announced the great news through social media. “I can get a new car now!” the musician said. By the way, Lil Pump owns a large car park – we will tell you about it a little later.

As for the opinion of Tha Lights Global representative, Lil Pump second album has a chance to become even more popular, that his first self-titled album he released back in 2017. The album “Lil Pump” was certified as platinum. The songs from the album “What U Sayin’”, “Molly”, “Boss” have become international golden hits.

As you see, the rapper Lil Pump has a bright financial future. But how did he start his way on top?

Lil Pump Bio and Career

Lil Pump real name is Gazzy Garcia. He was born in spring, 2000 in a family of very religious parents. Lil Pump grew up alongside his siblings. The rapper doesn’t open up, what are his parents and siblings names, because the members of his family want to stay out of limelight.

The future music star spent his early years in Miami, Fl. There he attended the local school and then continued his education at Charles W. Flanagan High School. But he was excluded after the freshman year because of bad studying and problematic behavior.

Without school subjects and lessons Lil Pump felt quite depressed at first, and that inspired him to look for consolation in music. Thus, the boy started to upload his videos to various online platforms, including Soundcloud, which made him popular. By the way, Lil Pump is the name of his first hit.


Lil Pum is a big lover of luxurious vehicles. He is known by an extensive car park, which he was eager to demonstrate to his fans. Lil Pump is a happy owner of silver Mercedes C Class, black Porche Cayman, white Bentley Continental, yellow Lamborghini Huracan, grey Maserati Quattroporte, white Audi R8 and some others. In general his car collection is estimated at $1 million.

Although Lil Pump seems to be really keen on cars, he considers his vehicles as something ordinary. He crashed a luxurious car once, and didn’t even regret about it. But, probably, that’s normal for a star of his stature.


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