Lil Xan biography
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Lil Xan Net Worth

$3 million

  • Real name / birth name Diego Leanos, Xan
  • Occupation rapper
  • Source of Wealth music
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth September 6, 1996
  • Age 24
  • Zodiac sign Virgo
  • Birth place Redlands, California, United States
Sources 2017 2018 $3 million $3 million $2 million

$3 million


0 kg. gold


0 Bitcoin

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How Much is Lil Xan Worth?

Lil Xan is a famous rapper, mostly known due to his hit “Betrayed”, which was viewed at YouTube more than 150 million times. This song is one of the first tracks of the rapper, but somehow it happened, that it had become favorite for many people worldwide. Of course, “Betrayed” incredible popularity had a positive impact on Lil Xan net worth. As for now, his wealth is estimated at $3 000 000.

Lil Xan Worth

photo instagram / xanxiety

Having made a great start in music industry, Lil Xan makes 100% of efforts to cement his star status. He has already released the singles “Who Are You”, “Slingshot” and some others. It’s too early to make any kind of predictions, but Lil Xan has a real chance to become a bright hip hop star of his generation. The boy has a unique style of performance, which was called in press as “sad rap”, and no doubt, this kind of rap has already gained lots of fans. “I’m obsessed with this song”, wrote one of Lil Xan viewers.

Bur how did the rapper start his career?

Lil Xan Bio and Career

Lil Xan real name is Diego Leanos. He was born in Redlands, CA. The boy was raised by a single mother Candy Leanos. Their family was incredibly poor. Very often they had no money for food or remedy. Most part of his childhood Diego spent in motels as they had no home.

The boy studied at Redlands East Valley High, but had to leave the school and start working. At first he made money, cleaning streets and got around $1 per hour for it. Later the boy saved some dollars and got a camera. He started to earn his living as a photographer. Once he made pics for rappers, who had just begun their careers. Soon Lil Xan started to rap himself.

In 2017 he met Bobby Johnson Beats, who produced his song “Betrayed”, which hit the billboards worldwide. In 2018 Lil Xan presented his debut album “Hot”.


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