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Linda Evans Net Worth

$30 million

  • Real name / birth name Linda Evans
  • Occupation actress
  • Source of Wealth television, commercials, business
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth November 18, 1942
  • Age 80
  • Zodiac sign Scorpio
  • Birth place Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Sources 2018 2019 $30 million $25 million $32 million

$30 million


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How Much is Linda Evans Worth?

“At the very start of filming process we were wearing jewelry of multimillion-dollar value. Two bodyguards accompanied us, so that our earrings and necklaces were not stolen. They even followed us to the ladies’ room. What a time it was!”  In this way the star of “Dynasty” Linda Evans describes her work in the cult series. She portrayed John Forsythe screen wife and, probably, this role was the main source of her wealth, although not the only one.

Nowadays Linda Evans net worth is estimated as $30 million. Most part of her money the woman got from television. She appeared in a number of popular and incredibly successful TV series like “Dynasty”, “The Love Boat”, “The Big Valley” etc. Linda’s salary was estimated as $52, 000 per each episode of “Dynasty”.

Having retired from the hit series, Linda Evans almost left career of a TV actress. But she found another source of income. The ex-actress recorded a workout video, which till now was sold all over the world. She opened a chain of fitness centers, which served as a reliable source of wealth for her.

The former TV actress published her own book “Recipes for Life”, which had become quite popular as well. So, Linda Evans made money, like a machine. But that was not enough for her! The beauty participated in Rejuvenique (facial mask) commercial to get some extra profit.

Linda Evans fans can be sure – their favorite actress remains an affluent person. But how did she start her career?

Linda Evans Bio and Career

Born Linda Evenstad, the girl spent the first six months of her life in a picturesque city of Hartford, Connecticut. When Linda was still a baby, she and her family members moved to North Hollywood. She grew up with two sisters. Her parents were skilful dancers, and they brought up their girls in a creative environment. Linda started to attend drama lessons in her teens as she was too shy and wanted to become more self-confident. The girl fell in love with acting and decided to become a professional actress.

Young Linda Evans visited numerous auditions. She was really talented and besides had classically beautiful appearance. It helped her get the tiny role in “Bachelor Father”. The actress was propelled to stardom after a brilliant performance in “The Big Valley”, ABC series. She cemented her position of a famous and high-paid TV actress, having played one of the title characters in “Dynasty”.

Linda Evans used to tell, that being a star of hit series was not so easy for her. She couldn’t enjoy her wealth and fame as she had always been controlled by paparazzi. Having retired from “Dynasty”, Evans used the money she got to buy a new house.


Linda Evans moved to Rainier, Washington after the end of her career on television. Nevertheless she still owns a luxurious house in Bel Air, which she rents for $14, 500 monthly. So, if you have extra $14-15, 000 dollars, you can move into the house of Dynasty star.

Surely, Linda Evans has a great taste. Her house is not big, but very cozy. It consists of one storey and is built from dark stone.

The house consists of a living-room and several bedrooms. The living-room is decorated with the dark brown table and the chair, cupboard of the same color and several pink poufs. Linda probably bought the furniture at some high end thrift store.

In the back part of the house there’s a big swimming pool with pure blue water. That’s the best way to relax after a hard working day.

Linda Evans Car

The famous actress seems to be the car lover. She drives Jeep Cherokee of pitch black color. The star has bought this powerful expensive vehicle in 1990-s on her earnings from “Dynasty”.

In May, 2014 cops caught Evans driving under influence and arrested her. Linda Evans was drunk and failed sobriety test. But who cares about such miserable problems, when the one owns such a great vehicle?


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