How Much is Linda Hogan Worth?

Distinguished star Linda Hogan has made her mark in the entertainment world and earned a net worth of over $23 million. Her claim to fame is her part in Hogan Knows Best, which features the lives of her and her entire family. Her earnings are largely a result of her appearance on this hit reality TV series.

She started off her path with the appearance in Match Game television show in the early 70s and was even winning contestant there. Soon afterwards, Linda’s life was in for a reversal of fortunes when she married Hulk Hogan, a charismatic wrestler, and an actor. It led her to be under the press’ spotlights and participated in her husband’s several endeavors. As of the mid-90s, she recorded a music opus titled Hulk Rules along with Hulk and The Wrestling Boot Band collective.

She had a real breakthrough in a launching super acknowledged reality show Hogan Knows Best. The first episode of this series titled Brooke’s First Date aired on July 10, 2005. The first season drew an average of 1 million viewers. Needless to say, the series was very well received by the American audience. They initially signed a deal for three years.

After the show ended up, Linda filed for divorce. In the year of 2011, she unveiled a book Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes. This work eventually got a huge response and positive feedback from the readers. She also made the appearance in docudrama Vehicular Lunatics. She has made herself into the public figure that she is today and she must be applauded for her prolific work.