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Lindsey Vonn Net Worth

$6 million

  • Real name / birth name Lindsey Caroline Vonn
  • Occupation ski racer
  • Source of Wealth sports
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth October 18, 1984
  • Age 37
  • Zodiac sign Libra
  • Birth place Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Sources 2017 2018 $3 million $6 million $3 million

$6 million


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How Much is Lindsey Vonn Worth?

Everybody, who is interested in sports, knows Lindsey Vonn and not just as a cute girl with an open smile and long blonde hair, but as one of the best ski racers in the world. According to Forbes, Lindsey Vonn net worth is around $3 million.

The major part of that amount Lindsey won earned through her career of American alpine skier. She managed to monetize her talent of an athlete. Lindsey Vonn caught public attention during Olympics in 2002, when she was chosen to play at American Ski team. In 2003 she got a silver medal, which of course, had had a positive impact on Vonn’s salary.

Lindsey Vonn’s career (and salary) peak was in 2008-2010, when she got World Cup titles three times consequently. In 2010 the skier got the gold medal at Winter Olympics Games.

Since 2014 Lindsey’s career in sports is in its troubled phase. The skier passed through a number of injuries and surgeries and, of course, it influenced her results. But in spite of her health issues Lindsey Vonn continues to play and even has some wins. Thus in January, 2017 she won the race at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, which had become the 77th victory during her years in sports.

So, career of a ski racer is the main source of Vonn’s fortune. But like a talented athlete and beautiful woman, Vonn has lots of endorsement offers and modeling gigs, which of course, serve as an additional source of wealth for her. She advertised Under Armour sports brand and appeared in a number of fashion magazines, including Sports Illustrated in 2010. For Swimsuit Edition of the popular magazine Vonn posed almost nude. Her hot body was covered just with a layer of paint – her swimsuit was drawn on her body.

Alongside endorsement money, Lindsey Vonn also gets enough from sponsorship. Her career is sponsored by Red Bull, Rolex and some other rich brands.

Lindsey Vonn’s beauty and charisma made her a desirable guest at various talk shows, which brings her easy money too. The sports star appeared in “The Today Show”, “The Late Show with David Letterman” etc.

As you see, Lindsey Vonn is financially secured person. But the skier has a little time to spend her money as she trains almost every day during 6-8 hours. Has she dreamed about such a life in her young years, when the talented girl has just started her way on top?

Lindsey Vonn Bio and Career

Skiing has been in Linsey’s blood since childhood. The daughter of a celebrated ski racer Alan Kildow, she learnt to ski in her kindergarten age. At the age of 7 Lindsey Vonn started to train regularly. Two years later she participated in her first sports competition.

When Lindsey Vonn was around 14, she had become the first Amercian female skier to win the title at Trofeo Topolino contest. In 2002 Lindsey made her Olympic debut in Salt Lake City.

Lindsey Vonn has become a great athlete, but like any other woman, she developed her personal life too. The skier was married her colleague and later coach Thomas Vonn. The couple filed for divorce in 2011.

In 2013 Lindsey Vonn opened up about her romantic relationships with a golf legend Tiger Woods. But the couple separated in 2015. Now Lindsey Vonn is, possibly, single. She has just several weeks of free time after a skiing season to relax and recharge life batteries. The star spends her free time at home.


If you think, that celebs spent their short vacation at some exotic islands, you are not right. Lindsey Vonn tells, she is constantly away from home because of her tough training schedule and numerous competitions, held in various countries. That’s why, when she has several free weeks, she spends them at home.

In 2016 the athlete bought a comfortable house in LA, California. The star spent $3, 55 million to get it. The new Vonn’s residence looks cozy and very simple. The house, lit by the sun, is built in contemporary style. It consists of 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a kitchen, an eating-room and a living-room. To pay tribute to her star status, Lindsey bought a house with a fireplace. There’s a huge barbeque area around the building too.

The stellar skier is the lover of cars, manufactured by Audi. She has in her home car park Audi RS6 and Audi R8. Vonn spent $130, 000 from her huge salary to get the first vehicle. But Lindsey deserves it, doesn’t she?


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