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Liv Tyler Net Worth

$20 million

  • Real name / birth name Liv Rundgren Tyler
  • Occupation actress
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth July 1, 1977
  • Age 45
  • Zodiac sign Cancer
  • Birth place New York City, New York, United States
Sources 2018 $20 million $20 million $20 million

$20 million


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How Much is Liv Tyler Worth?

The beautiful woman, mother of three and best friend of Kate Hudson, the actress Liv Tyler rose to fame as Arwen from The Lord of The Rings franchise. To her 40th age mark she saved $20 million net worth. Most part of her wealth Liv earned through her jobs of an actress and producer. The former model, she makes some profit from endorsements too. Liv Tyler featured in ads for Pantene Hair Care and Givenchy.

Liv Tyler began her career at the age of 14. The girl, who had perfectly fit body, started to make money as a model. But several years later she fell in love with acting and changed the direction of her career. Tyler debuted in James Mangold drama “Heavy”. Her play was natural and expressive, so Liv got numerous invitations from reputable producers. In 1995 she played her first title role in “Stealing Beauty”. The drama had no commercial success; nevertheless it turned to be the winning ticket for the beauty Tyler.

But Liv felt the real taste of popularity in early 2000s, when she got a supportive role in The Lord of the Rings movies. The first film, “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”, gathered $143 million at the box office. Thus Liv Tyler entered “high-paid-Hollywood actresses” club.

Currently she joins her career with family life. The actress appears in new projects almost every year. One of her latest works is the role of Meg in the series “The Leftovers”. But how did Liv’s career start?

Liv Tyler Bio and Career

Known by her beauty, Liv Tyler grew up in a creative environment. Her mother, Bebe Buell, made her fortune as a model and singer and her father (later it was discovered, that he was Liv’s stepfather) was a popular rocker Todd Rundgren. Tyler began to earn living as model. Then she led free and careless way of life. Occasionally the girl visited Steven Tyler (Aerosmith’s leader) concert and saw his daughter Mia, who looked exactly like Liv. After that Tyler began her own investigation and discovered that Steven was her biological father. That’s why Liv changed her surname for “Tyler”.

She tried her hand as an actress in her father’s music videos. Then Liv appeared in such movies as “Silent Fall”, “Heavy”, The Sleeping Beauty” etc. In 1998 Tyler starred opposite Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis in “Armageddon”, for which she got MTV Movie Award nomination. Thus Liv reached the status of a movie star.

Liv Tyler had always dreamed not just about a huge salary, but also about a happy family life. She was married a singer Royston Langdon and had a son with him. They divorced in 2008 and after several short-lived relationships; Liv Tyler fell in love with a football agent Dave Gardner.

They have started dating in 2014 and now they cohabit together. Liv and Dave gave a birth to a son and a daughter. The couple lives with their children in a big lavish house.


Like any affluent person, Liv Tyler owns property all over USA. She used to live in a beautiful stylish house in Los Feliz, which she sold for $3, 85 million in 2010. Have a look at Tyler’s former residence, lit with sun and hidden from strangers’ eyes with tall thick trees.

Currently the star spends most part of her time in New York apartment, which costs $3 million – the great amount for most of people, but not for Liv.

The actress also has a house in the Hudson Valley, from which a picturesque view is opened.

Arwen actress drives a beautiful black colored Audi Q7. Liv paid $55, 000 per the vehicle. The car can boast with powerful engine, it can accelerate to speed more than 200 kmh. In addition the classic car can serve as the evidence of Liv’s great taste and her high super-star stature.


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