Lizzie Rovsek

Lizzie Rovsek Net Worth is $25 Million



$25 million


$25 million



Lizzie Rovsek net worth

Nickname: Elizabeth Ann Arnold Rovsek

Date of birth: the 1st of February, 1980

Profession: designer, occasional actress, TV personality

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: fashion, television

Lizzie Rovsek is a charming woman, who can boast with $25 million net worth. The main source of her wealth is fashion and the additional source is acting. Rovsek is widely known as the actress of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Bravo reality series. She was one of the main heroines in the 9th season of the show and then had become a friend of the main heroines. According to her own words, she left the main circle of heroes because of other heroines’s envy. But producers of the show insist they fired Lizzie “for being too boring”.

Lizzie Rovsek has a beautiful life. She is a well-fixed person and her net worth mostly comes from her work of a designer. Lizzie has her own swimsuit line, named “Sun Kitten Swimwear”. She is also a wife of a successful real estate developer, Christian Rovsek and a mother of two boys.

Lizzie is happy that her job of a designer doesn’t keep her too busy and gives her an opportunity to spend a lot of time at home and care about her sons. She hopes to give a birth to a daughter too in future.

Lizzie Rovsek gained initial popularity in 1998, when she won Miss Kentucky Teen title. After that she participated in a beauty pageant one more time and won Miss Kentucky USA in 2002. Rovsek found the time not just for beauty contests but for studying too. She got degree in Design at the University of Kentucky.

In 2006 Rovsek made some cash as an actress. She appeared in a feature movie “Stand by Your Man”, where she had a small role. She also tried her hand as a host and starred at NBA All-Star game ceremony in 2004.

The incredibly elegant Lizzie spends her millions not just for her dresses and cosmetics, but for charity too. She is involved in a number of charity organizations, including Southern California Development, which supports the families of military men, who are currently struggling. 

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