Lucy Liu biography

Lucy Liu Net Worth

$16 million

  • Real name / birth name Lucy Alexis Liu
  • Occupation actress, producer, director, singer
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth December 2, 1968
  • Age 54
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Jackson Heights, New York City, New York, United States
  • Education University of Michigan
Sources 2018 $16 million $16 million $15 million

$16 million


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How Much is Lucy Liu Worth?

Very often viewers are wondering, whether celebs are made of the same dough as ordinary people or they have some special skills, which make them prominent.

Probably, not everyone from stars is really unusual, more talented and more skilful than the others. But no doubt, Lucy Liu is not ordinary at all.

The famous actress, singer and artist, she saved $15 million net worth to her 49th age mark. Lucy earned money through her activity of an actress, through singing, endorsements and selling of her books. But let’s start from the very beginning.

Lucy Liu Worth

photo instagram / lucyliu

Lucy Liu was discovered at the age of 21, when she was going on the subway. The agent noticed a slim beautiful girl there and persuaded her to try her hand as an actress.

The first acting job of Lucy Liu was on television. She debuted as a waitress in one of episodes of “Beverly Hills, 90210”. Her heroine, Courtney, served scrambled eggs and a toast for Jason Priestley character.

The young actress looked so natural on the screen and camera loved her – that was noticeable at first sight. Soon she got lots of offers, and appeared in several new movies and TV series every year.

Liu has become popular after the role of Ling Woo in “Ally McBeal”. Among other successful screen works of Lucy Liu there are the movies “Shanghai Noon” (for which she got $2, 5 million salary) “Charlie’s Angels”, “Chicago” etc.

Lucy Liu gained the status of Hollywood star after participation in Quentin Tarantino film “Kill Bill: Vol. 1”. Her salary for this movie was $5, 5 million.

Lucy has become the star not just for adults, but for kids too. She voiced Viper in popular children’s animation “Kung Fu Panda”. Among her recent projects there’s a role of Veronica Ford in the series “Difficult People”.

The multi-talented personality Lucy Liu managed to monetize her talent of a singer too. She participated in numerous theater musicals, and it contributed to her net worth.

The beautiful woman, Liu featured in Maxim list of the sexiest women in the world several times. That made her a desirable celebrity for endorsements, which served as a great alternative source of wealth. She advertised Revlon, Suntory Diet Beer, Lee Jeans etc.

Lucy Liu is the person of art. She released a book “Seventy-two”, which consisted of 72 inc and acrylic paintings, which she made herself. Although the part of her income from book selling Liu donated to UNICEF, the other part was added to her bank account.

So, Lucy Liu is a talented and financially secured woman now. But what did she start from?

Lucy Liu Bio and Career

Lucy Liu Bio and Career

photo instagram / lucyliu

Lucu Liu was born in the family of Taiwan immigrants in New York. Her father made his fortune as a civil engineer and her mother was a biochemist. She spoke just Chinese in her early years, but later parents taught her to speak English. By the way, Lucy is multi-lingual. She speaks Italian, French and Japanese.

In her school years Liu was interested in acting. She took music lessons and dancing lesson. Lucy was educated at Stuyvesant High School and then continued her studying at University of Michigan, where she majored in Asian languages.

Liu earned her first salary as a waitress. She also worked as an aerobics instructor. Her life changed, when she was discovered by an agent in the subway.


The actress Lucy Liu is not married. She is in long-term relationship with a billionaire Noam Gottesman. In 2015 she welcomed her first and the only kid – a son, born by a surrogate mother.

The actress lives in a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles. The star bought in 2004. Now the actress and her son enjoy 4-bedroom and 5-bathroom residence. The person of art, Lucy furnished her stunning residence with great taste.

The yard looks like a comfortable oasis. It’s decorated with rose bushes and tall trees.


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